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Live Blog Let's Watch BlackWolfe Watch ''Hawk the Slayer''!
BlackWolfe2010-12-10 18:31:25

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Who's Slaying Now? THE FINAL SCORE

Also, here's the creation of the Gahhhsostupid Sword.

The Final Score

Crow:33 (plus helpless clothing items)
Hawk:15 (but not a scratch in anyone's clothes)
Balls:6 (not counting himself)
Voltan:4 - maybe 5 if he killed Crow
Random Henchmen:2 (including a Terrycloth Nun)
Patricia Quinn Witch:1 man suffocated with silly string

Hawk comes in a distant fourth place, with less than half the kills of Pointy-Eared Jump-cut Boy Crow the Slayer. Gort and Artie would tie for second, but Gort being the... bigger man yields second to the deceased. The arcane powers of sorcery have come in last by suffocating one man with silly string and annoying the hell out of countless people watching this movie (and Voltan's henchmen).

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