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Sakura's Return to the Past

Eli's off in his mansion writing something, and since he has no parents, his house pet ends up being the one to remind him dinner's ready. Spinner suspects he has made his final decision, since he's been so deep in thought and probably forgot to eat several times in a row. As he seals the envelope, he announces that the end is near. Sakura has nearly sealed all the cards, and dinner's gonna get cold. Ruby is none too happy being stuck with the cooking, but she seems strangely interested in the falling snow.

Sakura's in for the biggest snowball fight of her life. Keroberos is stuck as a snow-lion and Yue still can't penetrate through the plot-mandated barrier, so it's up to her to fight back the killer snowmen. Unfortunately, all she can do is run until the snow causes her to fall and the snowmen make her one of her own. Sakura's not interested in having her face become the greatest in Snowman's Land, and so she somehow manages to make all the snow around her vanish to go through the elaborate card transform sequence. The Snow card puts an end to this snow war.

Madison congratulates her on a job well done and reassures her that whatever happens, she'll handle it. Kero joins in on the accolades, suggesting she could be greater than Clow Reed. Yue reminds them that she still has a long way to go, leading Kero to accuse him of being a stick in the mud even though he's being realistic.

For some reason, Sakura lets this get to her well into the night and interprets this as meaning she's not fit to be the new master. Yeah, I don't think that's what he said. Kero kindly reminds her that Clow Reed is Clow Reed and Sakura is Sakura. And besides, he chose her in the first place.

Kero too is strangely interested in the snow, reminding him of the day Clow Reed died. He just said it was his time. Kero suspects that maybe he wasn't telling the whole truth. Clow Reed, alive? Of course! Again, he dismisses it as impossible, but Sakura is determined to go back to the past to ask Clow Reed about everything.

Li reminds her that The Return card burned up a lot of magical energy the last the she used it and insists it's too dangerous, but Sakura tells him there's no need to worry as she can borrow from the magical cherry tree. One of the snowmen from yesterday is snooping on the conversation, later revealing Eli in front.

The cherry tree blooms on the command of The Return card. Li is still worried, but he smiles at Sakura's reassurance. And off she goes to arrive at an impressionist art sky. Keroberos is impatiently waiting for the one cherry blossom to bloom on the barren tree while Yue flies over. Sakura wonders what they're all about. "They're waiting."

Clow Reed arrives in his bespectacled bishonen glory. He in fact is aware of Sakura's presence, but "ssshhh." He flips a card in the air with no magic stick to be found, instructing Flower to bring the cherry tree to blossom. Well that defeats the whole point of waiting. He announces the beginning of a new spring for all things on Earth. You know, despite the Northern Hemisphere having the opposite seasons to the Southern Hemisphere and deserts and tundras and...whatever. "Just remember Keroberos and Yue, there is also an end to all living things."

Now the dream images are becoming more familiar as the world fades to black as cherry petals float by on the wind. She awakens sleeping on top of Keroberos as Clow Reed asks if she slept well. She's surprised to be here all of a sudden, and Clow Reed explains that he let her sleep to restore her powers. And now Sakura has the opportunity to ask him to show her the wisdom of the world, and maybe the secrets of the heart. She wonders if he had anything to do with the strange occurrences in the future. "Well, in some ways, perhaps I do. And in some ways, perhaps I don't." Well, that's helpful.

Sakura notices how happy Keroberos and Yue are here, saying that in the future, they miss Clow Reed a lot. He tells her that they care for her more than she knows. "Do you care for them?" Sakura insists she does trust them with all her heart, but she's afraid she'll never be as close to them as Clow Reed was. Suddenly, he gets up and leaves, announcing the end of summer.

The trees are now barren and the last leaves fall to the ground. He announces just as the seasons change, we all have our destinies and must move on. As winter nips at a falling leaf's heels (they have heels?), Clow Reed feels his time drawing near. He vanishes amongst falling leaves and Sakura thus chases after him...into his mansion. She recognizes that chair from Eli's house.

Yue is not happy at Clow Reed announcing his death approaching. Well, he certainly doesn't look unhealthy. Keroberos reminds him that their existence is tied to his, to which he replies that their destinies have been determined. Both Kero and Yue insist he's lying, since he's the most powerful magician in the world! But the end must come for all living things, and he must prepare for someone to replace him as master. Yue insists he needs no other master, so he gets the role of judge. Knowing that Yue is adamant that no one will replace Clow Reed, he gives Kero the job of selecting the candidate. Finally, he announces that his final wish is that they will be happy with their new master after they're long gone.

"Seasons change, waiting for no one. People must also move on. That is the true way for all living beings in this world."

As a force ghost, Clow Reed transports Sakura to the starry landscape. Sakura wonders what will happen to Kero and Yue, and Clow Reed tells her that she is their new master and they are their magical warriors and protectors. Sakura reminds him of what Yue said, but Clow Reed just points out he was angry at the time, and that he really does love her. He wishes for them to take good care of her. Sakura tells him how hard it is to live upp to him. Clow Reed assures her that she is her own person, but she must have the same faith in herself as he does in her.

"Remember, the past is behind us, but the future lies before you."

"And if I lose my way?"

"Then let your star shine bright and guide your way. Sakura, it will never fail you if you always believe in yourself."

They return to the Earth as the snow melts away. Winter has ended, and a new spring has begun. Finally, he reminds her that she has a future only she can create. Now it's time to go back to the future.

Li and Madison are worried about Sakura, but it turns out she's perfectly fine. Sakura tells Kero that he and Yue were together there in Eli's house. Kero thinks that's absolutely ridiculous since he's never been to the mansion, or so he thinks. Sakura remembers that Yue never mentioned being at his house either. Li realizes...their memories have been erased! By who? Find out next time.

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