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Live Blog Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging
Cliche2010-12-10 17:12:03

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Sakura and friends are enjoying their time at the aquarium, investigating the wondrous fauna. There is also a penguin show today, but as they stare in awe at its various tricks, the trainer gets pulled underneath the water, her foot stuck in a whirlpool. The penguin follows, but it too gets caught in the vortex. Sakura screams for help at this point and Tori comes to the rescue by pulling the whirlpool apart. Wait, what?

Back home, Sakura tries to explain what happened, but Kero, apparently not listening, is only interested in getting her pancakes. Suddenly, Tori appears at the door. Quick! Hide the miniature mystical beast! Sakura asks what Tori was doing at the aquarium. He was feeding the penguins, and decides he deserves some feeding from Sakura's pancakes as well. Kero is annoyed at the lack of leftovers, but it turns out he was listening after all, contemplating that since an aquatic drain was not powerful enough to suck a person and a penguin with such force...this is obviously the work of the Watery Card! As one of the four classical elemental cards, it is one of the strongest cards out there. It has a ferocious nature, so Sakura must tread carefully. She has three cards: Windy, Shadow, and Fly, to defeat it, but only two can be used together. Each card prompts a flashback to its respective capture, but with different dialogue at some points and oddly, Shadow is referred to as the second ally. This will be quite a puzzle, but she can solve it in the course of about 10 minutes of screen time!

At school, Madison sees Sakura contemplating, giving her reassurance and more importantly, cell phones for both her and Kero. Kero refuses to give her any more clues, since it's a test, but eventually she figures that since it appeared in the aquarium, she'll find out something there.

Julian is also there, offering to buy her ice cream while Madison and Kero spy on them. Inside, Sakura wants Julian to hurry up to get ice cream, but he's so enamoured by the fish that he could stare all day at them. Kero snaps at a kid mistaking him for a teddy bear in the meantime. But eventually, they get the ice cream from none other than Tori, but before they can enjoy their treats, the glass shatters, flooding the room and pulling Sakura in. Julian breaks down a door to drain the water and a concerned Tori carries her to safety. Julian, ever cheerful and optimistic, suggests taking a swim to cool off. Of course!

Later that night, Sakura shows up in a blue jester outfit ready for action. Calling Madison, who found the room necessary to execute the plan, she provokes Watery to chase her, using Fly to get to the room and Windy to lure it in and, well, get it to chill out. The immobilized ice statue becomes ripe for the capture. So much for being a deadly force if it can be beaten by such a Mundane Solution. But of course, all that card capturing makes Kero hungry. They still need the ice cream!

This episode introduces Kero's Corner in which Kero comments on the episode and a main focus is on the battle costume, where Sakura strikes poses in shots likely coming out of Madison's closet. Wow, this is rather perverted, putting a 10-year-old on display like that.

So, three episodes in, and already Sakura nabbed herself a great elemental spirit. Turns out she's cut out for this job after all.

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