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Live Blog The Overlord raises hell liveblogging Overlord: Raising Hell
WillyFourEyes2010-12-10 17:15:47

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3: The Crane, Boss...the Crane!

The Tower Heart has been restored to its rightful my hands, where it should have been all along! It has bestowed upon me the ability to control more minions, and to channel fireballs, like a good overlord should.

However, there is still too much debris in this place. How does one expect to take over the world when there is hardly room to move around in one's own tower? It is too much for the goblins to move around...ah, yes. A crane will help speed things along. I shall head back to the domain of those halfwit halflings and steal it back from them.

They call this place "Mellow Hills". How quaint....and disgusting. Huh? Where is that infernal ringing in my head coming from? Oh, it's just you, Gnarl. Stop shouting! I can hear you just fine. Where did you get that microphone, anyway? Whatever. It is time to march onward, toward the soon-to-be-doomed village of Spree. Goblins! Come forth!

At least that idiot scarecrow pumpkin farmer is not here this time, saving me the trouble of killing him. This pillar is the only thing blocking our way to the village. This time, I have enough manpower to move it out of the way so that we can proceed. There are two watchmen up ahead, foolishly deciding whether or not to shoot.

Watchman 1: Could be two halflings holding up some armor...

Idiot! Can you not tell the difference between a halfling and a...erm...uh... line?

Watchman 2: Prove you aren't halflings and free my friends down the road!

Not you, you oaf! Why would you ask a man behind a dark helmet that you have never seen before to rescue your friends, anyway? Oh, forget it.

The halflings are hiding in a wheat field over yonder. They will think twice about messing with an Overlord equipped with a fireball spell. Even after they see this happen, they still send more. No matter...the flesh of ten burns just as quickly as the flesh of four. Hahahahaha! Look at the little bastards squirm and scream in pain!

Now, I could fulfill those watchmen's request and clean up the slave camp...or I could just mindlessly slaughter them and bask in the glow of dark energy, opening the way to newer and more awesome powers! Paid in gold, or paid in blood? Decisions, decisions...

There is an arcane blood pit nearby that I can use to restore my health by sacrificing my minions. They have not much to live for, but I must not do that yet. I must first figure out what transpires at this "work camp".

More halflings have come out, and they have brought rocks with them? What a waste. Those who cannot fight face-to-face must be purged.

The Crane must be behind this gate. Those halfbreeds should know better than to leave a turnstile outside in order to keep your enemies out...

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