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WillyFourEyes2011-02-12 16:17:32

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28: Bitter Ale Face

Gnarl: The Brewery runs right through the mountain. Goldo's stronghold must be on the other side.

It looks like I may have my work cut out for me, then. Even without their grog, these Dwarves appear to be quite formidable.

Gnarl: The Dwarves only build their houses underground to stop rain getting in their beer! Judging by those pipes, this one seems to have a constant supply! Perhaps it's time to sober them up, Sire!

I would much prefer to steal their liquor for ourselves, but...I suppose some things cannot be helped...

[The Minions open the door by pulling a nearby lever, causing a pair of angry Dwarves to come out and attack. Defying his previous protocol, the Overlord smites the assailants with flames before entering the room to loot the place.]

Gnarl: Sire, it's a spoke...must be from the wheel back at the entrance.

There was a wheel? I had barely noticed it. Blame it on the overpowering stench of booze. Of course, that fool would have to go and get himself killed on the way to the gate. Oh, well...nothing I can do about it now.

[The Overlord notices a disk in a corner next to the gate.]

Gnarl: Well done, Master! You have found a new Shield spell. Sanctuary will give you a little peace and quiet. She won't hurt enemies, but she will hold them back while you plan your next Evil move.

[Author's Note: This is one of the highest-level Shield spells. Third-tier spells come in two varieties: Corrupted and Uncorrupted, and you can only have one of either, depending on how your Karma Meter is filled.]

Gnarl: This elevator must lead to the lower levels, where they keep the brewing equipment.

Rose: Dunken scoundrels! Obviously too busy swilling beer to keep up proper maintenance.

Why does infiltrating an enemy stronghold have to be so much trouble? Dealing with these flaming arrow archers was something I had not fully anticipated. The Greens and Blues explode like Slimes when they even get near Dwarves. Fortunately, the Browns are much tougher-skinned, so I can throw them at my enemies and not have to worry as much. It seems that the armor on these Dwarves resists most known poisons. Either that or they are simply too toasted to discern a poison from Pinot Noir.

[More dwarves pour out from the front entrance, which leads to the back of the brewery.]

Not yet...there is still much looting and plundering to be done below.

Gnarl: That's the heart of the Brewery, Sire. If you don't want those Dwarves supping Minion flavored beer, I would advise caution.

With those flaming arrows trained on them on both sides, it would make sense for me to move quickly to minimize casualties. If only I could throttle the necks of those annoying dart-slingers myself.

Gnarl: The beer kettle! Loot this and you'll strike a decisive blow against the Dwarves! They can't cope with sobriety! Return it to the tower, and your Minions will get a permanent boost!

Rose: And they'll be right terrors to put to bed!

Quickly! Get that keg back to the tower! And inflict maximum pain on whoever tries to stop you! We stole this fair and square!

Gnarl: It's ours! Now, let's ee if that's got their attention.

[The Dwarves have noticed the Overlord has teleported their keg away, and attempt to retaliate, but are swiftly brushed aside by the Overlord's onslaught.]

Now, we can leave this place.


Feb 12th 2011 at 10:14:45 PM
Great goin', almighty Ovah...Overla...Boss Man, dood! *hic* That'll show them dwarfy idjitsh who da rightful ruler of thish land should be! *hic* May your reign be as glary...glear...aweshome as dat ale is shtrong, dood!

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