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Live Blog The Overlord raises hell liveblogging Overlord: Raising Hell
WillyFourEyes2010-12-10 17:15:06

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2: Heart of Darkness

We return to my throne room. The cold stone of this decrepit tower is sterile...uninviting...just the way I like it. There still seems to be something missing, though. When was the last time some dim-witted hero came in to challenge me to a so-called "final duel". The last ruler of this tower met a grisly end at the hands of some fool trying to make a name for themselves. Bastards also destroyed most of the walls in this place. Does that sound like something a true "champion of justice" would do? I do not think so.

Gnarl directs my attention to a pool of grimy water. He calls it the Tower Portal, but all I see is a pool of grimy water. He says that the portal is missing the Tower Heart, but there is enough dark essence left over to transport me to its last known location. Surely, if I were to recapture this so-called "Tower Heart", I could jump to any point in the kingdom I wanted. What better way to strike fear into the hearts of men, women and children everywhere but by randomly appearing when they least expect it? It's a brilliant plan! Glad I thought of it.

What? You want to come along too, jester goblin? Don't think I haven't forgotten about that "princess" remark you made earlier. Go juggle some apples and get out of my sight!

Blech. What was Gnarl thinking? The sight of all of these bright colors and smell of fresh air...disgusting. At least I can summon my goblin minions to take control of this wretched place. There are only brown goblins in my army of darkness, but surely there must be other tribes lurking about. The ones I have right now are looking very gaunt. Those sheep behind the gate seem to have an abundance of life force that they are not using. The grunts will take care of them for me. I shall need more of them to move this pillar out of my way, though.

Gnarl: "All they do is chew grass until something kills them!...Stupid useless creatures."

Despite all of the life essence I have obtained from these sheep, the most I can command at the moment is five brown goblins. This should be enough for me to get past this pillar.

Man Dressed as Scarecrow: "Halflings took over my farm! They tied me up in the sun, to scare the birds! Now, those pumpkins are plotting against poor Bob. They want revenge for all the pies I made, and the soup, and the jelly, and the, cream. I hear the pumpkins whispering at night. But I won't leave my farm to the Halflings. Oh, no! They're worse than the pumpkins. Please help me get Bob's farm back!"

What an idiot. It is obvious that he tied himself up to get some attention. As punishment, I will destroy this pumpkin patch and everything else on this farm. If this fool is still tied up as a scarecrow when I'm done, I shall rid myself of him, as well. Perhaps I will aid my minions in the destruction of this farm. A good overlord needs to be proactive, you know.

What was this idiot scared about? There was only one halfling on this farm, and not a particularly strong one. I could have killed it by breathing on it.

The path beyond the ruins of this farm lie the village of Spree. Ugh...just the name alone makes me cringe. "Bloodfist Gulch" there's a name with character.

Those pumpkin helmets are a nice touch. A little crude, but at least their soft noggins will be somewhat safe from Halfling attacks.

It looks like our Tower Heart was hiding in this pumpkin patch. Those Halflings must have tried to use this orb to grow food, not knowing of its true power. Let us show them a thing or two about stealing the Overlord's trinkets, and then we will return to the tower with our quarry.

Gnarl: "Your minions will bring it back for you. Being an Overlord means never having to carry anything heavy."

All we have to do is return it to this gate, and it will magically be transported back to the tower. Ah, the wonders of magical technology...

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