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Live Blog Cliche gets an auditory consumption of Black Eyed Peas
Cliche2011-03-06 09:51:53

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The Beginning: The Time (Dirty Bit)

symbolizes growth, new beginnings, and starts a fresh new perspective

In other words, this picks up where The E.N.D. lefts off. Where does this road take them? Well, let's see.

Admittedly, that intro and outro perspective effect is pretty cool. But the song itself? Meh. Instead of being annoyingly in-your-face like Boom Boom Pow and Imma Be, the Peas opt for a more low-key sound. It feels like it goes on for too long even with the standard song structure because of the drawn-out tempo and soulless synths.

The music video is outright creepy. I mean, what the heck? Scantily-clad girls degenerating into cubical abominations? Really, just look at those polygonal things.

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