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Live Blog Cliche gets an auditory consumption of Black Eyed Peas
Cliche2010-12-10 17:08:37

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The E.N.D.: Imma Be Rocking That Body

The next two singles, Imma Be and Rock That Body were put together as one video. The result? Imma Be Rocking That Body. Well, here we go.

The video begins with demonstrating a machine that can create synthesized sound to the Peas, calling it "the future". Fergie rejects it, claiming they're not robots and then storms off on a motorcycle. Where she ends up? Michael Bay's Transformers.

Imma Be starts up with Fergie lying in the desert, inexplicably in a one-piece all of a sudden. Following the trend of this album, the entire chorus consists of a constant ostinato of "Imma Be" with a repeated note pattern created by an automated voice. It's as annoying as you'd think, and even worse, the verse is simply "Imma Be" (Fergie saying some shit). There's no escaping "Imma Be".

After Fergie says her verse, she goes into a restaurant with As he does his verse, which is still "Imma Be" (saying some shit), they go out into a hovercraft speeding away from a giant robot to a junkyard, where they meet up with Just when you thought "Imma Be" couldn't be any more annoying, they change up the pattern to something resembling bee buzzing. Urgh. Regardless, this shift causes the speakers to TRANSFORM!(TM) and all the robots dance. While they all groove down the road, a dark robot deletes the backup dancers.

The music changes over to Rock That Body as the video heads into the city and apparates in the city wielding a gun and plenty of Autotune. The rest of the Peas follow suit The Matrix style, and Fergie now sings with a horrible high-pitched robotic voice. And I thought my telephone banker was annoying. The Peas shoot the static people with sonic blasts, reanimating them and they dance to the music. Fergie gets kidnapped by the evil robot and thus a chase ensues with riding the good robot. It culminates in a dance-off, and as the evil robot falls.... turns out it was All Just a Dream. Or "the greatest idea for a video".

So yes, a long video that seems to get progressively more annoying as it passes by and will take days to get out of my head, and yet I wrote up that elaborate summary. I guess I harbour Foe Yay to the songs after all. Despite all that, there's still one single left in this album.

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