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Live Blog Some Color Mage unleashes Let's Play Golden Sun!
SomeColorMage2010-12-10 16:20:13

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Crossbone Isle Part 2

Hello people! This time, we are going through the second half of Crossbone Isle. Let's start by setting our Djinn back to what I want to, the Berserker, Luminer, Shaman and Sage.

Now, back down to the fourth floor. The puzzle of this floor is that we have to use Halt and Cloak to sneak past statues that try to block our path. This floor has some Storm Gear, which has already been outclassed by the other equipment we have.

Floor five begins with two Stone Soldiers, a Harridan and a Lizard King. Except for the Lizard King, these are Suhalla enemies, so not very threatening.

The puzzle is a sickly green and pink version of the dam puzzle in Kolima. We get a Ninja Garb from this puzzle, which has also already been outclassed.

Floor six begins with two Chimeras. I think these guys may be slightly harder than the other types of Chimera we came across in Babi and Venus Lighthouses, but not by much.

The puzzle is standard pillar moving stuff. Yawn. But hey, the final Venus Djinn is here! It runs away from us though. We get close to it again and it runs off and sounds like it crashes into a wall.

We get the Demon Axe from a chest on this floor. It has Equipment Curse, but we'll be able to remedy that soon enough.

We approach the Djinn and flees so that we're now in a similar position to the Djinn we got just after getting the Halt Gem. Guess what we have to use.

The Venus Djinni Bane joined Ivan.

Bane gives 12 HP and 4 Attack. In battle, it attacks at Attack plus 60 Venus Power and can inflict Venom.

We now have all 28 Djinn. Ivan now becomes a Druid (Jupiter), so we are now completely ready for that Bonus Boss.

Floor seven starts with two Earth Lizards. These battles are starting to get somewhat challenging again.

The puzzle here involves using Carry to create pathways to chests. We get the Wicked Mace from this. It's got Equipment Curse and is worse than the Demon Axe, so it won't be used.

Floor eight starts with two Thunder Lizards (seen them in Venus Lighthouse) and a Poison Toad. It's easy enough, the Poison Toad lowers Defence more than it poisons. I would like to point out at this point my hatred for Acid Breath Blessing, it does a lot of damage and lowers Defence.

This puzzle is an odd mix of a few things. Log rolling, Frost, that dragon from Fuchin Temple, there's some odd things here. Our main prize for this floor is the Cleric's Ring. Equipping this removes the paralysis effect of Equipment Curse, although they'll still mess up RNG rigging and need a Sanctum to remove. Garet equips it, along with the Demon Axe and Thunder Crown.

Floor nine starts with two Cerberuses. (Cerberii?) They're pretty dangerous, but nothing we can't handle. Garet reaches level 30 and learns Break.

The final puzzle here is log riding. Our big prize here is the Muramasa, another cursed weapon that's not as good as the Demon Axe.

We're finally at the bottom floor. There's a wrecked pirate ship here. And a Mimic. But most importantly is Deadbeard. Deadbeard is one tough son of a bitch. 2 attacks a turn, Break, stat reducing spells, and what is among the best Psynergy in the Mars, Jupiter and Mercury elements. Thankfully it can't heal. It's weak to Venus. I have two plans for this fight:

Plan A: Fight fairly using Psynergy and attacks, maybe unleash Bane to try and inflict Venom.

Plan B: Summon Rush. I don't care if it's cheap, I'm killing this thing.

Surprisingly, plan A works. I managed to defeat the thing in a fair fight despite being unable to Poison or Venom him. I was expecting the big showdown involving the armoured guy with a nuke, a meteor, the big Norse Badass with a giant hammer and an ice maker. Mia reaches level 30 and learns Break.

And our reward? The Demon Mail. More cursed equipment that's going to Garet. Now let's Retreat out of here.

The pink tornado is waiting for us outside and drops us back at Suhalla. And with that, we sell our excess equipment and walk all the way back to the room before the Venus Lighthouse Aerie.

Next time, we'll finally take on Saturos and Menardi. See you then.

Stats: (Note: I will post new stats at the beginning of the next update, as I need to reshuffle my Djinn, and I'll probably forget to check if I wait until after the events that are to occur)

Isaac: Lv 31 Berserker HP:599 PP:155 Attack:435 Defence:239 Agility:235 Luck:7

Garet: Lv 31 Luminer HP:588 PP:152 Attack:373 Defence:270 Agility:210 Luck:13

Ivan: Lv 30 Druid (Jupiter) HP:507 PP:234 Attack:330 Defence:254 Agility:262 Luck:13

Mia: Lv 30 Sage HP:484 PP:239 Attack:309 Defence:237 Agility:306 Luck:9

Djinn: All 28

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