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Live Blog Getting Your Edge Back: A Skating Liveblog
TheGirlWithPointyEars2011-03-14 16:32:11

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Okay, I haven't disappeared.

Yes, I have gone skating. Occasionally. Not as often as I probably should.

I wasn't feeling powerful today - need more exercise in general - but I was doing everything I usually do. In fact, my twizzles were better than usual. (I've probably described what those are before, but they're chained back to back one-foot turns, sort of like you're moving while doing a very slow spin.) I'm still a little nervous about spins, and my spread-eagles are not great but ok. It wasn't crowded, but I did have to dodge quite a few little kids who were holding on to stuff they were pushing around the ice; some of them can go pretty fast that way, actually!

The skating season is coming to the end soon, though - even though it's an indoor rink, they don't keep it open all year. Last weekday public skate of the season is the 25th. I'll definitely miss it.

Maybe I can get better on rollerblades, though... that's a thought. *silly grin*

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