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Live Blog Getting Your Edge Back: A Skating Liveblog
TheGirlWithPointyEars2010-12-10 14:43:06

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Good luck to you too, Longfellow! Apart from just general moving about on the ice, I recommend sculling (also known as swizzles) as a good beginner's way to get used to using your edges deliberately.

Back from a session on the ice myself. Didn't have a whole lot more success at the spin than I did yesterday, but, well... I think it's going to take a little time and practice. I did bang my knee a bit, though. And I can do forward 3-turns reasonably on cue. It felt pretty good out on the ice, though. I was actually energized by a couple of very good, athletic skaters later in the session - not preteens this time, my ego is grateful to say. I was also listening to the soundtrack to Evita on my ipod. Unfortunately, my earbuds (which wrap around my ears to keep them in place) kept getting knocked off my ears when I did anything forceful and that was a little distracting when I had to stop to put them back in or hold my hand over them so they wouldn't fall off. Oh well, maybe I shouldn't listen to my ipod next time.

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