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Live Blog Let's fight...and farm! It's Rune Factory Frontier!
WillyFourEyes2010-12-10 13:47:05

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2: The Great Flying Whale

The next morning, Raguna wakes up and hears someone knocking at his door ("How rude! I didn't order a wake-up call"). Waiting for him is a cute mail delivery girl named Anette, who is accompanied by a trio of sheep. After introducing herself, she gives Raguna his mail (which basically says the same thing she did out loud), and then storms off.

He gets back to work on his garden, watering his turnips and getting rid of more weeds. He finds it weird that Rosetta gave him money for the weeds he dumped into the shipping bin yesterday. No one in their right mind would have a use for them...especially not Raguna, but for the time being, they were going to be his own little bumper crop until he can get something better to grow in his garden.

There is a little library to the north of his farm. Raguna pays a visit to it to see if there would be anything useful for him to read, but there isn't a single thing on the bookshelves that looks interesting to him. Nobody is watching over the library either, which makes Raguna wonder if the available books are just there for decoration. The stone tablet outside of the library seems a bit odd to him, but there is nothing he can do with it. He visits Stella at the church, who thinks she saw some odd plants grow outside the clock tower near her church. The clock itself is out of order...the time reads 1:50 when it is actually closer to 10 AM. Raguna notices an odd-shaped plant right at his feet. With the poor thing in desperate need of water, he feeds it, and almost instantly, a beanstalk grows so tall that it reaches all the way up to Whale Island. Raguna had no idea that plants could grow so quickly, and wished that he could do that to his turnips. Now that he has a path to reach the great whale, he decides to climb up the stalk, not looking down as he ascends.

The ruins on the island look much more impressive to Raguna up close. A mysterious voice starts talking to him after he wanders around a little bit, stating that it's the collective consciousness of the island itself. Raguna, justifiably freaked out by this talking landmass, wonders why it's speaking directly to him, and the whale tells him that it is because the Runes granted it power, and if that power is lost, then it'll fall from the sky and the inhabitants below will most certainly be killed. It asks Raguna to protect its Rune by defeating the monsters within and sending them back to the First Forest.

Raguna inspects the small tablet in front of him and reads the inscription aloud. "The melody of trust grows within 12 maidens", it says. He then sees a dozen glowing orbs circling the tablet that disappear after a short time and scatter in different directions. On the east side of the whale's exterior, Raguna finds his way into a cave, where he is almost immediately attacked by a goblin. All Raguna has to defend himself at the moment is his cheap hoe, which is heavy and too slow for him to use practically as a weapon. The goblin, meanwhile, is armed with a sword, and is much faster on the draw. It takes Raguna a while to beat up the goblin with his hoe, and to make sure that it doesn't come back to haunt him later, he destroys the blue glowing portal, as well.

Raguna's first taste of combat meets with equal parts excitement and failure, so he leaves the cave and returns to the surface to avoid dying an unnecessarily swift death. After landing, he returns to the forge, hoping that Ganesha will give him a real weapon now that he's made a little bit of money from the garbage he had given away, and she is happy to give him a broadsword in exchange for 500 gold. Afterward, he visits Erik's shop to pick up some turnip and strawberry seeds to help his farm grow. Raguna feels that he's getting better at farming, as planting his new crops doesn't seem to take as much out of him as yesterday, but he decides to stop after planting two new fields crops to avoid overwork.

At the inn, Rita spends time in her room freshening up until it's time for the bar to reopen. She asks Raguna if he's got anything to cook at his house. When he says no, she tells him to visit Lute the traveling merchant on holidays to find his wares, and he might be able to get some cooking utensils out of it. She also gives him a "Quick-step cook" book, which contains recipes that are perfect for newbies. Raguna briefly looks through it, and makes some notes in his head for later.

Kross is hard at work on his own farm. He tells Raguna that it's possible to make friends with some of the monsters in the cave on Whale Island, and gives him a "Pet Glove" to use for this purpose. He warns Raguna of the ever-present danger of getting smacked around by the monster's weapons while trying to befriend them. Raguna mutters to himself that he knows the feeling.

Eventually, the clock strikes five in the afternoon, and Rosetta comes along to give Raguna money for his goods. Seeing her cute face almost makes him sorry for filling his shipping box full of weeds...but not enough to actually stop doing it.

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