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Jhiday2011-02-07 13:05:01

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Episode #7 : Part 11 - Epilogue #2

Episode 7, Epilogue 2 : ???

And we're back to Bernkastel and Featherine, in front of a chessboard with two white pieces surrounded by hordes of black pieces. Eh. Anyway, Featherine's content with this tale, and so for the few hundred years it will take her to digest it, her miko is free to go. Shooo, shooo !

Bernkastel folds back Beato's game board, wanders away... and notes that this didn't really count as Game Mastering, did it ? She'll just indulge herself one more time... and this game will not have a happy ending.

Well, fuck you too, Bern.

In a chapel somewhere, 6-year-old Ange is crying. Bullies have been insinuating that her parents had a fishy background and were the culprits (and Auntie Eva... didn't deny or even say anything).

But wait ! Gamemaster!Battler is there to comfort her. And he's going to explain her what happened...

Cue credits

(For the record, I've checked the Tips and nothing new seems to have appeared ; the only person you can execute is Grampa, which somehow brings out a description of his younger self.)

Well, this was certainly shorter than the other epilogue. We still don't get any explanation for the mad-on Bernkastel has against poor Ange, but presumably this will come to a head in the final episode.

I'm going to need some time to collect my thoughts on this 7th volume : it does change quite a few things in my internal theories (although not the general thrust of it, as it vindicated quite a lot of what I'd guessed). Expect a WMG installment... soon-ish ?

And of course we'll be back in 5 months or so for the final chapter...


Feb 8th 2011 at 9:39:26 AM
Now comes the wait and the theorizing for Episode 8.
Apr 20th 2011 at 7:04:33 PM

This was a great write-up. I just finished replaying 1-7, and although I've been doing my best to avoid spoilers about 8, am really looking forward to getting my own perspective around it, and perhaps hearing your thoughts on it later. But seriously. Your perspective helped me... Solidify mine? Something like that.