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Live Blog Let's Read John Carter of Mars
DrRockopolis2011-01-06 12:41:28

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The audiobooks are good; clear and pleasant narration. There's different voice for each chapter, and it seems like one voice per chapter; makes sense, as it's John's memoirs. Haven't met any other speaking characters yet, though.

  • The Foreword was read by someone with a...French accent?
  • Chapter 1 was by someone with an English accent.
  • Chater 2 is someone American...

You know, I'm terrible with identifying accents.

Listening to the first one again, I have to wonder; how did John know to telegram Edgar Rice Burroughs before he passed on to Mars? He seemed to have been taken by surprise.

And the trainer is exhausting; I'm doing ten minute intervals, and I'm having a hard time hearing the audiobook over the sound of my wheezing.


Jan 6th 2011 at 1:15:08 PM
Last chapter: Good for Tars Tarkas! I like those quotes too. I'll agree, as well, that strange laughter from somewhere unknown does sound ominous...

And good that you got your trainer and the audiobook is pleasant! Stick in there with the trainer :) I've listened to audiobooks myself sometimes while running or taking the train, and yeah, it is sometimes hard to hear if there's a lot of ambient noise :(
Jan 6th 2011 at 1:22:37 PM
Yeah, I've never actually listened to an audiobook before. It's actually pretty cool, I should look for other items on audio.

And radio! I started listening to it during my rides last year. Man, this modern technology is awesome! XP
Jan 6th 2011 at 6:54:38 PM
:D Bike Talk? Nice. I don't have XM, but I do tend to listen to NPR (I love Wait Wait Don't Tell Me) and BBC on my computer (I love their radio dramas... great for getting me just distracted enough that I don't have insomnia.)

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