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Live Blog Let's Read John Carter of Mars
DrRockopolis2010-12-09 10:33:09

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Chapter 1+2; What I Did After the War

After the war, Captain Jack Carter is left with a couple hundred thousand dollars of Confederate money and a Captain's commission with the losing side. So, with no skills but war, he and a friend by the name of Powell go off to Arizona to hunt for gold.

  • They hit it big! Unfortunately, on the way back, they get Powell gets ambushed by savage Apaches, and Carter rides off to rescue him. He does a Big Damn Heroes moment, charging into a large Apache camp, revolvers blazing.
    • He mentions that every time he is in danger, he never sees any option but boldness and bravery.
  • Alas, he is too late, but snatches up Powell's body from the nearby Apache camp and flees into the night.
    • I like his line, "The Indians had discovered by this time that I was alone, and I was pursed with imprecations, arrows, and rifle balls. The fact that it is difficult to aim anything but imprecations accurately by moonlight..."
  • Fleeing in the dark, he ends up going up a mountain rather than through the pass, but he finds a cave to hide in. It's a large cave, worn smooth by ancient habitation, but unfortunately it's also full of Deadly Gas, as he falls down, paralyzed.
  • When the Apaches come for him, he hears something behind him growl, and the Apaches freak out and flee.
  • Carter, meanwhile, is scared out of his skin. Literally. His body is lying on the ground, while he is still walking around, albeit naked.
  • Feeling like touching his body isn't a good idea, he wanders outside to see the Arizona landscape on the moonlight. Beautiful sight, especially the sight of Mars, bright in the night sky...then he passes out again.

Well, that's the first few chapters, and now the station is open and I'm going inside.

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