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Live Blog Rockopolis' Train-ing...from Hell!
DrRockopolis2010-12-09 10:30:47

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Texas is very flat. It's a lot like Arizona, but with more yellow grass and shrubs. A bit more like Barsoom, I guess.

I got my lunch reservation for noon; the train is running on Mountain time at the moment, I believe.

The bumps more than an airplane, but it's quoted; no omnipresent drone of engines. The loungue is a bit noisier than my berth, but that's mostly because the connection to the dining car has one door instead of two, and squeaks.

I'm on the second floor now; good view. I was really surprised when the train arrived; I knew it was a double decked but this thing is huge. And the engines remind me of a spaceship, actually. If I ever get around to writing, I've got to try and capture that feeling of awe.

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