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Live Blog Let's Watch the "7-Year Old and Needs More Love" Sketch Comedy
ACDrawings2010-12-13 19:58:54

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Breathe In, Breathe Out, Relax

***O> For this installment's videos we have a series of vids based on a supposedly well known webcomic I never knew existed called Bob The Angry Flower about some inexplicably angry flower and his friends.

Heck, I wasn't even sure it still updates but it does. guess it's bigger than I thought? Anyhow, the comics that the episodes are based off of are here: The Puppet Master, Sales Success A la Meteor, and Schrodinger's Fridge

I had no idea these were based on anything until I read the Loading Ready Run wiki weeks later I first saw them. I thought they had just decided to make a consistent character for a short while.

The Puppet Master

  • A Cute little tune to start us off.
  • "I hate everything" Wow, how one-note. Good to know we have such pleasant people in the world.
  • I don't know who Paul is supposed to be but dear lord is that annoying!
    • Also, that beard is too big to make Paul seem like a cutey person.
      • Also, that beard is awesome. Like Chuck Norris awesome.
        • Paul Saunders is so awesome that he hijacked history to become one of the wise men that visited Jesus Christ and gave our lord and savior the gift of Beard!
  • Hah, "puppet", "Toy with me". You see, it' funny becuase a puppet is a toy.
    • Ye? Neigh? Not Funny? Fine...
  • And now for some creepy introspection from a puppy doll.
    • Welp, ''I'm scared. That doll is trying to make him into a PSYCHO KILLER!@ AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
  • Quickly BOB! POUND IT INTO THE DIRT! Hit it until it cannot move! Don't let it's demonic evil CONSUME YOUR SOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUL!
  • Oh and make sure your hand doesn't get crushed-oh? am I too late?
  • Ha ha, Moron
  • Perhaps it's because I've seen this like thrice already, but I didn't find this particularly funny.

[[loadingreadyrun Sales Success A la Meteor]]

  • Those meteors have been suc ha nuisance lately
    • I mean meat has been coming down a far as the eye can see, when will the meteors end!?
    • Wait, you mean those sorts of meteors? Oh, well, carry on then.
  • Look like Bob got ripped off.
    • Or Rather, the U.N. Meteor Defense Task Force got ripped off.
        • Our UN is full of Idiots! They can't do anything useful! Stupid useless pretentious stuck up gits!
  • Oh right, this was pretty funny, good job Graham and Paul.
  • Take out the intro and shorten the pauses and this could totally be a Crapshot.
    • What the hell do you mean Crapshots didn't exist yet? EFF YOU!

Schrodinger's Fridge

  • Like his cat but now you'll die thirst
  • Maybe He may have drunk the Beers........ Maybe he didn't......Dialogue going......Shatner....
  • This will be remembered for one thing and one thing only:
    • HOLY BLAP!
  • This has fun interjections like INDETERMINATE and HOLY BLAP!
  • The Waveform isn't collapsing means..... Technobbble. You want technobabble, Bobbo? Two an play at this game. Becuase obviously the weveform isn't collapsing becuase the poody pii dederp derp derp da hurf and in order for it to collapse you must hurf a durf a herp herp derp. And that's how babies are born.
  • This is so much fun, I mean he's saying perfectly normal things in a form too technical. I mean can you say "I'm observing my head off but it just isn't actualizing" with a straight face? Come on, try it, I'll wait for you.
  • This also would've made for an awesome Crapshot.
  • I think this is funny for all the wrong reasons.


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