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Why did Metroid: Other M become what it is?
I have two questions, and am going to ask them here since it sees like the more complete version.

1) Is the bit you mentioned about not wanting to analyze Other M why you gave up on your previous "Metroid VS Other M" liveblog?

2) Why did you post this liveblog twice?
Valiona, before I answer your questions, I just want you to know that I am new to TV Tropes blogs. I have lost the address to the previous analysis I was going to do due to many factors, one being changing my main browser (I am currently using Vivaldi, which I recommend to everyone who loved Opera 12, by the way).

Yes, the bit I mentioned about not wanting to analyze Other M is one of the reasons I gave up on the previous one. In fact, I was not supposed to get into so much detail on the previous one either, and once I started to separate what was useful to my blog and what was useless, almost everything was useless. Once I find that blog again, I will delete it.

Now I have a much more clearer goal, what I have wanted to specify from the start, and have found better words to describe it. If only my browser doesn't lose cache data again, I will finish the second part by the end of this day.

Thanks for commenting!
And I have just realized that my blog was posted twice. I don't know why it happened, though, as I have only done it once. Well, the page without any comments is going down.
The article you cite is a satirical article.
The fact that you attribute director decisions to them being a psycho is both highly offensive and utterly simplistic. Is it really that hard to critique a director without spouting bullshit?
What makes this Hilarious in Hindsight is the fact that if Sakamoto was trying to kill Metroid, he ultimately failed. 3 words: Metroid. Prime. 4.