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Let's Play Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories: Many Years Too Late
What do you mean "How did Jimminy Cricket get here?" He's always with you, writing down everything in his journal.
The only similarity between Chain of Memories and Yu-Gi-Oh is use of cards. Chain of Memories' battle system is faster paced, significantly streamlined.

Kingdom Hearts games' plots tend to start making more sense after you've passed the main plot twist, and you start seeing previous events in a new light. As such, it's not so hard to say that people actually DO understand what's going on, and aren't merely pretending to be smart.

Regarding the cards for save rooms, I didn't find it all that difficult to keep a Moment's Reprieve card in store, along with a stock full of various cards of different numbers, colors and card types.

All in all, this game got me started on the Kingdom Hearts series, and I enjoyed it a great deal.
Yeah I would recommend you also watch the Secret Ending of Kingdom Hearts 1 on Youtube btw.

And everything starts making more sense as you keep progressing although new questions get brought up all the time.