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Lamia Kenzan! Let's Play Super Robot Wars OG2
Using the Hagane for battle is an interesting choice. Personally, I always try to keep my carriers away from the battle, but I suppose it could work if you upgrade it enough.
I usually do a lot with my carriers in SRW games. They're a good source of support SP commands and firepower, and at least one ship is mandatory on almost every stage. The command aura is also a nice edge when I don't have to worry about time and I can just hunker down in a block. Leveling the captains up gives more SP to throw around... and a couple secrets in OG 1. Daitetsu and Lefina are actually a bit underleveled this time.

If you ever play an SRW with Martian Successor Nadesico in it, you will have to keep the Nadesico up front because of how the Aestivalis mechs work in these game. They get full energy refills every turn, but only as long as they stay within a few squares of the mothership.
It was to be expected Ryusei was going to disappointed. I mean, comparing a fembot to a fridge on legs...
Indeed, Kanni is the larvae of a certain type of caterpillar. Ugh.