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Welcome to Pandora, Psycho! (Postponed)
Well, this sounds like an interesting project. Borderlands is one of the very few shooters that I've actually enjoyed playing, and I'm certainly curious as to how you'll describe the co-op portions. Sadly, I do not own an Xbox, and I will not be able to provide any direct support. Still, I hope that you do well on your hunt for the Vault. And don't forget to have fun!

...Oh, I almost forgot the feedback questions. I say that you do whatever you feel comfortable with. Co-op could have a ton of action and it's easier to complete some objectives with a team, but there's also an element of competition to deal with, and it might be hard to keep track of the really interesting parts while still keeping pace with others. Just having friends once in a while should be enough.
ENDARK. MAH MAN. Er, Psycho. I guess.

Yeah, probably gonna refer to you readers as Psychos for the fun of it.

Thanks for the feedback; you actually touched on the main reason i'm doing a great deal of this solo. That being, after some time before noon on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week, I won't have an easily accessible method to liveblog all this. At the start, i'll be working on a school laptop for the week or so I have left to use it. Past that, it's going to be note-taking of the experience and then transferring that to a computer in the house. I'm going to try to get as much content as I can in the time I have left, though, then pace it well enough to last me as long as it can until I can fork up the cash for a laptop of my own. Accessibility will not necessarily be a large issue, though, so no worries there.

That being said, Co-Op is a vital thing for this game in that the experience changes with the characters in the game. Plus, whatever chances I can get to bring the readers into the action is something i'd love to do. I'll probably need to for the raid bosses.

Any further feedback from others who see this is still much appreciated. However, after some thought, my current game plan is:

  • I'll be making the next installment a repeat of the rules and guidelines of the playthrough (along with some clarification of what you'll see when), along with the guidelines for co-op and whatever else I throw in.
  • The same day, although later in the day, if all goes well, you guys will see the first installment up as we get this project rolling. I don't want to waste any time getting started.
  • In the meantime, i'll be researching a bit into some specifics to make sure we have a nicely paced, nicely flowing liveblog.
I have Xbox and a load of free time. I could do one, but keep in mind that I main Sniper Zer0.
nomuru2d (edited by: nomuru2d)
I think overall, Sniper Zer0 is a welcome addition for me, considering the fact that Krieg's going to be up in your face as a default. Just be prepared to... loosely abide by, for the most part, some of the co-op guidelines i'll type up shortly. Don't worry; they're not severely limiting, just there to put people on the same level as me.
Same with me, except I main Maya.
Also, like I said before, I don't have any DLC :c
Of all the ways to begin a game, I think that Borderlands 2 did a fine job. There were references to the original, like with the Skag at the billboard and how Claptrap is the first to greet you. But there's also a few notable differences, such as beginning in the arctic instead of a regular wasteland, and how the character introductions were far more exciting than simply strutting down the middle of a bus. While it welcomed back players familiar with the original game, the opening also shows that the action is going to get even more intense, and new twists will await you on your journey.

Congratulations for...well, surviving a train wreck Krieg wasn't visibly a part of in the first place. Keep an eye out for secrets, and best of luck against the Bullymong!
Half of me likes to think he was with the bandits and marauders when they were hit. The other half of me just likes to think he was far enough back in the train to somehow live.

I have the next installment saved and ready to go barring adding things in that are Tv T sensitive, so that's a plus for me.
You know, that 'Buzz Axe Rampage' kinda reminds me of Brick's skill from the first game, which I think is a very good thing. Before Krieg, I don't think this game had a well-rounded melee specialist. Zer0 leaned more towards stealth and critical hits, while Gaige's Anarchy was geared towards damage output and doesn't offer the defensive buffs that I assume Krieg gets. A variety of gimmicks that make each character unique, the Badass Token system, and that special thing in Sanctuary...I think the developers did a fine job at encouraging more than one play through and finding new ways to enjoy the game.

Best of luck with Flynt, and may he join the first game's Baron Flynt in...actually, given the numerous Hyperion New-U stations across this planet and the fact that the first game let you rematch some major opponents, he'll probably be fine. But shoot him a whole bunch anyways, because if nothing else, it's cathartic!
See, yet again you touch upon something i've been pondering - the fact that I actually strongly dislike melee-oriented classes in Borderlands 2. Pre-Krieg, Zer0 was the particular object of my scrutiny. In a game that's in love with guns, guns and more guns, why was there a character based around melee too any degree? I loot guns from chests, grenades, shields, and yet you'd base a character around clicking the right stick?

It's made me wonder why I absolutely adore Krieg so much. Maybe it's because Krieg is basically crazy fun all around; each of Krieg's three skill trees sounds absolutely wonderful to use and i've seen a build on You Tube I am absolutely itching to recreate in this liveblog since it was what I wanted to make and more. Maybe the way it functions in terms of a control scheme just feels right.

Actually, as I type this, I think my main gripe with melee pre-Krieg ties back to your assessment of him as 'a well-rounded melee specialist.' Krieg takes melee orientation beyond simply clicking a stick in, then takes it a step further by emphasizing it as a wide use tool, then goes past that by looping all the crazy shit Krieg can do back to that. I'll never actively hate on a Bl00dshed Zer0, but Krieg as a whole just feels so much better to me simply because it doesn't feel like a super specific tool.

I'm tempted to respec Krieg for the fight against Flynt, since I decided to take a day off from drumming up installments to dick around in the first level of Dishonored over and over again as I try to bring myself to fully play that game again and as such have not actually done the fight yet. If the next installment is slightly late, that's why. I may also not have one up entirely because of family visiting. In addition, there probably won't be an update Sunday because of a research paper.

In fact, to sum it up: Expect daily installments over the weekend to be iffy as i'm having family visit, working on a paper, trying to gather material for the liveblog and trying to enjoy the weekend. Regardless of whether I do or do not update this, though, the installment will return to regular updates on Monday unless something comes up.

However, i've decided to have a little fun with this: as a one-week anniversary of Krieg's release and the liveblog officially starting on that day, expect two installments this Tuesday, and that's near guaranteed.
Interesting tidbit: Delay using the cannon long enough, and Claptrap will actively tell you to just shoot him and the gate.

In other, even if you're nice and willing to wait for Claptrap to move, he never will until you shoot him with the cannon.
Wasn't aware he'd actually do the first thing. Hmm...
Edited the entirety of the Official Rules into the original installment of this liveblog.

Also, i'm considering postponing this liveblog in favor of perhaps starting up a liveblog for a new game entirely, possibly Dishonored if I can make that work. This is chiefly because a friend named Gyro Punk and I have been doing a Dual-Krieg run supposedly being streamed somewhere. Where exactly, I have no clue, but the point is, I've sotra become distracted by enjoying Krieg and the game itself once again since I do no real work whatsoever with that setup.

Whatever happens, i'll let you guys know; I may look into getting proper recording equipment and notifying those of you interested in watching the playthrough through that. We'll see.