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Fun With Writer's Block and WTF-Inducing Teamups! Rika Liveblogs vs. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger vs. Power Rangers Samurai!!
So far, so good. I think I remember one of Arnold's works. It was a crossover with Cory In The House and Kamen Rider Den O. You can guess how well that ended. Hopefully this guy doesn't pull a RINO... I'll see this fanfic in hell before I see it pull a RINO. :P

I would point out that catchphrases in subs tend to vary unless there's a common translation. For example, "Uchuu Kitaaaaaa!" can translate to either "Space is here!" or "It's space time!", either one is correct in that regard.

Same with "Hade ni ikuze!". I've some subs and fans translate it as "Let's get showy!" or some variant, and I've also seen others claim it's "Let's make a show of it!". I think the reason they go with the former is because it sounds more catchier.

Kinda like how "Toritsugari no Kamen Rider da" translates to "Just a passing through Kamen Rider" more than "Just a Kamen Rider that's passing through."
Psyga315 (edited by: Psyga315)
Wow? Worse than Basco? Sorry, I think my wall needs its 9000th coat of red paint.

If there is one thing I like about this fanfic... ONE thing I like... The use of the Mega Mode in fight. I always hate how Mega Mode was reduced to just doing new cockpit footage when you could just adapt the Shinkenger footage outright. I never really got why they did it, and the Shogun Armor, while Battlizer material, just didn't see its full potential, even when it did get into a battle.
Hilariously, I actually did consider the whole "excuse me, but I think my wall needs another coat of red" line at that part, but considering how...bad the rest of it is, it's just redundant.

And I will admit, I only caught a few episodes, the earlier ones (and the teamup that bears this installment's namesake), of Samurai and never really bothered to catch the rest, only glancing at the summaries and putting them out of my mind, so I haven't even seen the Mega Mode, m'self.
Oh My... Gai is acting more like Nobuo than Gai :P

"Nana Mizuki dubbing the main character" O_O The Seiyuu known for Shrinking Violets voices Carly while MLP:FIM's Shrinking Violet is voiced by a seiyuu who's known for voicing a Manipulative Bastard Tsundere? What is this world coming to? XD
I've enjoyed this fanfic. It was a pretty good riffing of this fanfic, and I give you my thumbs up.
Thanks. Not going to lie, it was actually pretty tricky coming up with "a liveblog with a plot" thing, especially one that's actually off-the-cuff like that. Especially when I've used Real Person Fic on top of it, only to show that, yes, people can like different things.

If there was one thing I completely forgot about, though, it has to be the bits where the story and the trailer don't really tie in together. Some parts are kind of forgivable, like where the Rangers use their Mega Mode in an actual fight against the Gokaigers. But others, where we see Oiles Gil talking to the Samurai Rangers in the trailer, and yet, in the story proper, we see Warz talking to them instead...

But then again, Trailers Always Lie, so yeah.

Again, thanks for the compliment.
arcadiarika (edited by: arcadiarika)
I like your story, but sadly You're now talking to the one who made the fanfic. Sorry for the trouble, as I picked up the story and threw it in the ocean, never to be seen again.

If you would like to know the reason for me doing that story (now an Old Shame for me), leave me a message.
Very clever story, as usual, Rika. This is shorter than Akizuki's fic so it can be finished shortly. You know, I really think that either Linkara or Bennet the Sage should snark on this fic as well, but for their sake... I think not. I had fun with your subplot, and I just know who Ryota, Alex, Jason and Sean are supposed to represent.

This fic SUCKS (not your riffing). Big time. At least Akizuki's (yeah, that's how I'm gonna differentiate the fic author and the one you call Magnificent Bastard) could serve well as a Snark Bait. This one, not so much. I'm just glad that your liveblog somehow made me smile after a certain bad hour.

And Arnold... no. Seriously. I know your reasoning and it pretty much sums up of a weak Freudian Excuse. Throwing it to the ocean is not enough, that fic better get deleted and you must let go of that 'Sentai Snob' mindset, no matter the cost.

And to Rika, if I find out another fic to snark about, I'll let you know. Hell, you can even take a jab at my Super Sentai Vs Super Sentai fic, both versions. I'm sure I'm not that good of a writer. Good work, great liveblogger!
Thanks for the comments.

And yes, I had to basically include the actors, even if I refer (most) of them by their first names, for three reasons. First, to hammer in the moral that Super Sentai and Power Rangers are not so different, that they can have interesting differences and similarities.

Secondly, selecting the actors was easy—just choose a rep from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, and another from Power Rangers Samurai. Jason was chosen because his real-life counterpart has watched Sentai, as evidenced by his Twitter, so why not have him be the representative who thinks that people can like different things?

As for why Sean was chosen...let's just say that, aside from being a fan of him, I had to choose someone to be the snarky Straight Man to all of this, what he's actually like (modest?) be damned. XD (Yes, this was written a few days before his real-life counterpart was chosen as one of several actors returning for Power Rangers Megaforce.)

And believe it or not? Yes, the fanfic was bad, but...if anything, it's more entertaining to liveblog than Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers. Seriously. While it did have so many bad moments, the frequencies of it happening occurred so much, it boggled the mind. It was a refreshing change of pace.

Also...I may be thinking of a sequel to this. If I'm allowed, I may liveblog the infamous Spongebob 2019, and see what's good, what's bad, and what's straight-up ugly. And maybe have more cameos and crazy, cracky plots.

Again, thanks for the comment~