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Each step you climb is one more step up the ladder: Black 2 Walkthrough
You should do a team of Mathematicians and Physicists!

  • Gauss (Magnetic Scale): Magnezone, Female (You can catch one in Virbank City)
    • Moves: Magnet Rise, Thunder Wave, Lock On, Zap Cannon (Can be swapped out for Discharge if having to use Lock On before it every turn annoys you)

  • Aristotle (He liked Zooology, I guess? I dont know, Arostotle just works for a Grumpig): Grumpig, Male (You can get one in reversal mountain)
    • Moves: Confuse Ray, Rest, Snore, Psychic

  • Newton (Unit of Force): Scrafty, Male (On route 4)
    • Moves: High Jump Kick, Swagger, Brick Break, Focus Punch

  • Asimov (Not technically a Physicist, true, but kind of sorta physics related): Klinklang (Charge Stone Cave)
    • Moves: Gear Grind, Bind, Autotomise, Discharge

  • Curie (Phsycist): Gothitelle, Female (The route straight after Nimbassa City)
    • Moves: Future Sight, Psychic, Faint Attack, Psyshock

  • Kelvin (Phsycist, Heat): Arcanine, Male (This ones in Virbank City as well)
    • Moves: Flare Blitz, Extreme Speed, Outrage, Overheat

Is this based off a particular NPC or trainer class? If not I'm afraid it does not qualify for the type of run I am doing.
You weren't very specific about that. :/

I say go for a Grunt run. Rattata, Patrat, Zubat, etc. Just the stuff Team _____ Grunts would use.
Yes I was? It's like the 4th sentence in the first paragraph. Or did you just not read that part?
Ack. Missed that.

Also: Fifth sentence.
Miscounted. So a Grunt run eh. Any pokemon in particular you would recommend? I might expand it into a Team run instead and focus on a specific Team if we don't get any ideas/you don't tell me which ones to use.
I'm not sure which Pokemon can be found in Black 2, and to check would invalidate the "blind" part of my own liveblog.
Oh. Damn.