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Opinionated MLP Character Analysis and Commentary
I'm impressed. Your analysis seems logical to me, and I feel that you've pointed out both positive and negative character traits without letting personal bias accentuate one over the other. Additionally, this show's fandom is arguably more prominent than the show itself, and it's good to see that it won't interfere (or at least will take a backseat to observations of the actual episodes). This was interesting to read, and I look forward to your analysis of the other characters.
I can't wait to hear more about your opinions on the Mane Six. This was a very interesting read! :)
This sort of thing might be more appropriate for the Analysis page for MLP, rather than a Liveblog.
This pretty much hits on one of the reasons why TMPP is my favorite Pinkie episode. All the same, I would have appreciated it if they'd leaned a little harder and more explicitly on what it was that broke her: that nobody in town can tell the inconsiderate, obnoxious, one-dimensional Fun Monsters apart from the real Pinkie because yes, that is PRECISELY how she herself sometimes acts. She came off as just plain depressed about her screw-up with the Mirror Pond, but if the writers had seasoned it with a touch of self-loathing it'd have been even easier to believe.
I do think Mmmystery was a good development episode for her in that case as well, since it was another situation she was clearly only worsening the situation and left rather frustrated when Twilight outdoes her (both in sleuthing and even the Holmes type charisma).

Granted I think it would be wrong to take away that Crazy Awesome aspect of Pinkie to a great extent. It would likely hark a little much to what they did to Daffy Duck.
Hmm, interesting. Well, now that we'd had Apple Family Reunion, do you have anything to say about her role in that?
To be honest I do not think that Apple Family Reunion is really worth mentioning. It retreads some of the same territory that earlier episodes have but in a why that is neither interesting or expands on her character.
I agree Applejack was one of the more awkwardly done and cheap versions of Character Development where the writers just nuance and get rid of flaws rather than progressively moderating them.

I thought we got a rather neat Character Check in "Keep Calm and Flutter On" however when she is in a confrontation with the beaver. As much as people consider that scene superfluous, it not only portrayed her defensive temper again, it actually shown her managing to naturally develop from it and learn to be the 'better man' even when the other person is not being reasonable.
I do at least appreciate writers tried to prioritize the situation of Season Three, since they thought her spotlight episode would Flanderize her into a Jerk Ass and thus potentially worsen her characterization a lot more than her brief more harmless shallow moments throughout the season. It at least shows they are trying to keep Rarity likable just their ideas aren't quite flowing right for her at the moment.
Good analysis. RD is definitely the character most profited from dynamic development.

I might also add another good twist in Hurricane Fluttershy. In the main climax they have her urged away from keeping on with her goal by Twilight and accused of being reckless, however RD refuses and pulls a Determinator that not only her whole team agree with but actually triumphs. Since at first RD's key headstrong approach was at most riskof being simplified into a consistently negative Leeroy Jenkins role, I think this was a nice touch and kept to "every character has a place" dynamic of the show.
Really interesting analysis. It's pretty different to how most see the progression of the show's main character. I actually agree with your point about the sudden change between the Twilight of the pilot and the Twilight of the show proper too.
I admit the development was a tad haphazardous, that said I prefer Twilight more specified as The Finicky One than 'The Straight Man with the odd generic Not So Above It All moment).