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I Can't Believe It's Not Pokémon! - Let's Play Haypi Monster
Well, if you're looking for games that concepts were shamelessly ripped from, that Synthesis thing reminds me a bit of Dragon Quest Monsters.

I think your skills as a L Per are just fine. Don't worry about being too ambitious and starting multiple projects at once; I have at least four unfinished blogs, but I believe that it's better to take long breaks and experiment with new things than to press on when things get difficult or boring (though they should be returned to occasionally to appease the audience). I just hope you're having fun with this rip-off, because I rather enjoyed reading this, and I encourage you to keep on.
Mobile, you are awesome. Please keep being awesome.

Also, "Lizzy"... wut.
...Cool. o-o
Really? Synthesis is rather similar to DNA-digivolving/Jugrossing.
If you find a Not!Electabuzz, name it Tesla. Electabuzzes are awesome.
...Unless of course you find a Teslachu. :B
Oh, it was definitely worth the wait. These two blatant displays of plagiarism, when coupled with your keen wit, become fascinating to view. You certainly sound like you're having fun pointing out the flaws and finding bits and pieces that are actually enjoyable at face-value, and I'm certainly enjoying reading about it. It may take a while for the next instalment, but I have a good feeling that it will be a great update.
Hooray! Updatisimo!

I'm willing to bet there's a rock somewhere named Stoney.

Maybe Zack's the guy from Surgeon Simulator. -Ponders-

Hilarious as always. Keep up the good work!
@Endark: Thanks, man. Glad you're enjoying my commentary. I'll try to make next installment a good one. C:

@Spazz: Zack being the guy from Surgeon Simulator makes a surprising amount of sense. :o

Thank you both. :D
My body is ready.