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The Conquest liveblog with an incredibly bland and unoriginal name
So much for not stalling. :P

Anyway, good luck on this, man.
I like the end bit. :P
'Kaius'? Interesting name. In my playthrough of the game, I named my main character Tenkai, after an alias of a character from Sengoku Basara...and I later facepalmed when encountering an old man with the same name. Later, I did some research and found out there was an actual monk in Japanese history that went by the name Tenkai. And to think, some people say that video games aren't educational!

Anyways, best of luck with your liveblog, pal!
Interesting that you didn't put this and the previous installment together; will most of your liveblog installments have this much content, or will they have more/less?
The next will have much more content, don't worry.
That's a pretty accurate portrayal of her Jigglypuff. ._.
Poor Kaius…don't worry, you'll (probably/maybe/hopefully) see Lina again, you'll just have to get transported across spacetime :P
Jigglypuff is hilariously creepy. :P