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One Man's Madness
It's seeming Lemony Snicket-ish so far.
...And here I thought that this liveblog might be interesting. But nope; fanfiction based on the games plot.

Oh, and it's just "Luigi". He has no last name. Neither does Mario.
You don't have to read it, but I can delete this if you want...

I just wanted to do a silly run of the game, and was imagining the REASON why Luigi would be failing so badly at bosses and refusing to pick up any money. So it kind of worked from there.

But again, if you feel I should delete this, I will. I don't want to write something that's not interesting. I'm sorry for bothering you.
Anomalocaris20 (edited by: Anomalocaris20)
Actually, it has been confirmed that Luigi and Mario's names are Mario Mario and Luigi Mario.
Hehe! Love the way you show what is really going on, and how Luigi perceives the events of the game.
Who knows, E. Gadd? Maybe it is simply the result of living in a place like the mushroom kingdom where somewhat crazy things seem to happen on a regular basis? :P
Strawberryflavored, do you have source for that "Mario Mario" and "Luigi Mario" thing you mentioned on the first page's comments?

(I hope he's still reading...)
Well, they are the Super Mario Bros. So that kind of implies their last name is Mario. Nevertheless, this is obviously not a serious liveblog, so I make no pretense of knowing the canon of the Mario universe.

Also, you never really responded. As this liveblog is, as you said, uninteresting, would you prefer I delete it? So you don't even have to see its name existing on the Live Blogginations page?
No, don't delete it. I am only one person, and don't particularly like fanfiction wherever it comes from. Others however don't usually think that way. I think.

"Super Mario Brothers" is poorly phrased. They are called that because the older and typically superior brother's name is Mario, not because they are both called Mario. (That said, the canon for the games, cartoon, movie... these are all separate from each other. For example, sometimes they're Brooklynites... but usually not.)
But if it's just not to your personal tastes why bother reading or commenting on it at all, instead of just ignoring it?

I just can't really see any reason you'd bother to make a destructive comment on it unless it really IS a horrible thing that shouldn't exist.
Please Anom, just let it go. Continue with the liveblog, there's plenty of us here who are liking it.
I commented because I clicked it while thinking it would be in a different style, and because I like commenting on things.

But yes, as Sixthhokage said, there are still people who are reading it. It's not like there's anything wrong with all this; it's merely something I don't have a positive preference towards.
Don't let the work required to make this work get you down. I read through this today, and I was amused.
Is this "Dark Lord" Mario?