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Memories of a Sleeping King: A Breton Europa Universalis AAR
I have interest.

-cracks knuckles-

Let's reshape history.

Europa Universalis, realistically? With no rage quitting? Eh, it's bee-

Oh, it's a Fauxlosophe production.

I'm with Calvin. Let's make our subjects suffer in the hands of a raging tyrant. "Have at thee, son of a filament wire!"
Enigmatic and interesting, always a good combination. Are you posting as you play or are you already a good deal ahead?
Posting as I play. I have the game going on slow and I've played Brittany once before, so I have a feel for what's happening but I'm going to start waiting for input on certain matters, like whether to take certain national/provincial decisions or what to take/give during peace accords.
I'm starting as Brittany, which gives me 4 provinces. The only ones with any sort of economic value are Armor and Vendée.

No vassals, and a rather pitiful army, the slider towards serfdom and quantity makes them pretty useless in an even fight. The Navy is rather decent however, 9 ships, 6 of them large, I'm able to kick around a lot of smaller countries, but it'll be a while before I'm really able to many more so for the time being, I'll treat them like gold and only raid when I know I've got a smaller fleet against me.

Our main advantage is trading, where we start off quite heavy on the 'free trade' side of things, I intend to push this even further. The downside is that I get no spies for my troubles. Also I start on the open minded side of things which should make the reformation interesting.

Jean is a solid ruler, weighing in at 5/5/7 but he is old as dirt and I expect him to die within a couple years. His son is a more modest 4/5/5, which is sort of a gyp considering he's known to history as Jean the Wise, eitherway, he's 9 now so I'm expecting a regency council for a while.

I decide to focus on government while keeping a moderate investment in naval and trade. Colonization is a long term goal.

In the meantime, I'm surrounded by France and French vassals. The only exception is Maine and Anjou, which are ruled by Provence, a vassal of Naples. My only ally from the outset is Burgundy, who I have a certain fondness of but AI usually suicides with constant stupid wars, so we'll see how long our alliance lasts.

My first mission is to build a propery army, and so between that and sending my merchants to Antwerpen, my coffers are emptied.

Catch you all next update.

I feel like making army your first priority is essentially in kicking the French out of... well, France.
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I think war against France would end pretty badly for me. They have enough enemies that it might turn into a Phyrric victory and I might get some minor gains but outright war would come with more cost than gain.
War with Barrois. I might send a token army over, provided it's not over by the time I send a diplomat.

Meanwhile the main question is the Naval Recruitment Act; It gives +1 Innovation and +1 Quantity. The first gives me fast tech, better ability to outlast war but stops me from getting missionaries, makes stability take longer to enforce and really gets on the Pope's nerves. Considering I'm already pretty far on the slider, this is pretty much the last nail in the coffin of a serious catholic nation.

Quality and Quantity gives me cheaper regiments, faster reinforcement and a bigger pool to draw soldiers from. Combined with my inclination towards defence, I can bleed enemies to death but my soldiers really, really suck if they ever have to attack. My strategy becomes a much more difficult matter of scattering soldiers and out maneuvering the enemy to get defensive ground than simply charging and murdering.

I'm leaning towards yes, but I'm going to let you guys make the call
At this stage of the game, I'd say no. You don't want the Pope's ire yet.
It's not ire so much as a loss of influence. Basically, if I pass this, it gets really hard to influence the Pope or put in my own Cardinals and I can be excommunicated easily if the Papal Controller really holds a grudge. On the other hand, the Tech advantage is very valuable. It lets me get stuff sooner and a lot of stuff is very valuable.
On one side, new tech is good. On the other, I don't like Quantity instead of Quality. On the other, if this pisses off the Pope...

Accept Act.
This baron would put it off for a small while, unless this is a irreversible decision, in which case I'd pass it. In the mean time, I would give aid to our Irish brethern who are being oppressed by the tyrants of England.
Normally Avignon helps out too. :(

Also the lack of Anti-Pope in this game is disappointing. Historically Brittany went to Avignon but this game only has them as some afterthought of an archbishopric.

Eitherway, we're well on our way to war against Naples. We start with cores on Maine and Anjou which begin in Provence's possession and Provence starts in personal union with Naples. If I'm lucky, the war goes smoothly and ends quickly but sometimes we get an interesting string of alliances. On a practice run before this [first time with a no rage quit rule], I managed to beat France along the way.

Anyway, let's see how this goes. Soldiers are ready, all I need is a diplomat and then it is time for war.
Fauxlosophe (edited by: Fauxlosophe)
5,000 Men in Anjou and 1,000 in Maine. I managed to get to Maine before they built theirsrmy, meaning I've got an easy victory ahead of me. The goal is to have Anjou collapse as quickly as possible, then hit Maine. Savoy should take out Provence and Naples should be willing to give me both for a peace deal then. Also, Jean has turned out a pretty capable General, gwith 4 shock, 2 Mobility and 1 Siege. Still, I'm not giving him a great life expectancy.

Switched to play format after getting a couple complaints about legibility. I don't love it but it's more effective for heavy dialogue scenes. I'm likely going to switch between formats as is effective/aesthetically pleasing to me.

Also I might update a bit quicker to make up for missing two but don't hold me to that.
Fauxlosophe (edited by: Fauxlosophe)
Anjou has fallen, meaning I've got 1/2 of my Objectives down. Maine is next.

Burgundy has finally put down Bar who didn't even manage to pull in any allies. I blame Burgundy's alliance with Bohemia but between that and Naples being a bit of a loner, it's a rather boring opening, but then I've had worse and it at least gives me a nice starting position. A pretender has popped up in Burgundy, and a surprisingly large one at that [8000 men, 2000 more than I have in my whole army] but they have a large army stack [15000] fresh from the fight that should run down the rebels quite handily.

France meanwhile has managed to beat the English out of Normandy. About 8000 English were caught by the looks of it, maybe more since I don't know when it started. I can't imagine they're doing much better in the south either. While it's a tempting thought to join in on England's side, I don't have the Casus Belli for it which means Burgundy would probably ignore me and neither England or Portugal are strong enough to give me a lot of protection, nor would they necessarily be keen to offer alliances to me during a war of aggression.

Unless things change radically, I'm up against the big old French blob and stuck sucking up to the English one so no Irish wars for the foreseeable future, which is worrying since I suspect they have Conquer Ireland for their initial mission.
Fauxlosophe (edited by: Fauxlosophe)
Maine fell very quickly. Quicker than I anticipated. This gives me a lot of sway. I noticed from the boats they have only two troops moving north, so the plan for now, is to march south [through Berry, Burgundy and Savoy because the French are bastards] to Provence and sack it with Savoy then either recruit militias to combat their amphibious assault or if things look desperate, pull my soldiers up north. For now, I'm just throwing peace agreements at them where I don't really care too much.
You can also annex Provence for a rather pithy amount of infamy, if you so desire a port on the Med.
Long break, still I've returned to give this another shot since I enjoy writing and history too much to let it die.

I rushed to make peace since I was bored with the war and didn't really expect them to accept, but literally a day later I got an event titled "Jean embarasses the court".

Sometimes plot writes itself.

None the less, the armies are off to move to the south, to help Savoy if Provence hasn't fallen by then. After that, I'll try to hassle them in Italy until they get bored too and just let me take all the shinies that I want.