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Sporking the low-hanging fruit: The Shadow God
That was... all over the place...

How long is this chapter anyways (In page terms) because that is a lot of (non) exposition to go through in the first chapter.

Wait, Matt is a good guy? I kinda thought he was Ax Crazy or Driven To Madness already by the (evil?) baby's birth, or am I giving this book too much credt.

Anyway, keep blogging because this is a pretty awful book!
Yeah, Matt is definitely supposed to be the good guy here, somehow. While he was driven to madness, it was by the most petty, ridiculous things. We're given absolutely no reason to believe that Father Spiers ever did anything that bad, he's basically a one-man Westborough Baptist Church. That is, he's a dick and he's really annoying, but never really did anything to prompt that kind of violence.

My thought is that Rayburn was trying to convey that Spiers possessed/magically enraged Matt to trap him in jail while the evil plot came together. That doesn't really explain why he was begging to bless Craig to keep him safe.

I don't even know where to start... Did our 'hero' just start the story by bullying his so called 'Friend'? Poor Kristy indeed, at least Mark got to be the nerd and Todd got to be a follower, all she gets to do is kiss the protagonist and look pretty.

Hey son! Remember when I killed that one guy? It was totally a mistake! I'm trying to get home now by getting into a Mental Institution, so don't worry, I'll be with you soon! Don't trust your mom! Love, dad.

Craig is not only a stupid bully, but a stupid person.

Why is he being so mean to his mom when she's being emotional? It's obvious she loves him! Are we supposed to agree with him for being a jerk?

psychedelic connection! Really?

I can't wait until next time, this book is golden and your liveblog is awesome.