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Chan's the Man
This series is on Netflix? Awesome! I may have to go nostalgia bomb on it.
ok, I'm in the bandwagon. let's fun commentating on this. ^^ I remeber this show, haven't seen it in years. I think it was on YTV or something. we need more anime translated into english in america. anyway, I'm glad I grew up in the age of animation where I can see something like this.
"we need more anime translated into english in america."

Jackie Chan Adventures isn't anime, although it does have some anime influences. (Jeff Matsuda did the character designs. He's also the person who did the character designs for The Batman.)
LadyMomus (edited by: LadyMomus)
I know the show isn't anime, but I hadn't seen too much variety in dubbed anime on tv recently.
…Yes. So much yes. And this is on Netflix? *marathons the series :P*
Quite Genius Bonuses included there. Never knew they'd reference that.
Ignore, I can't spell
hnd03 (edited by: hnd03)
And in a later episode they collapse Big Ben... How do they ever save these monuments?
aaawww ok well, its your decision and I'm fine with it. -hugs you- I'll keep following you on your website.
Ah well. I'll miss it.
Any chance of reviving this?