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Epic on the Badfic! Rika Liveblogs Naruto Veangance Revelaitons!
I still can't shake the feeling that this is a trollfic.

It might, it might not be, who knows? Me, I focus more on the story contents itself. Or what constitutes as a story, whatever.
The answer to all the questions: Badly, Oh god no, and not a snowballs chance in hell.
I just bet the author will introduce time travel to explain (okay, Voodoo Shark) the pregnancy and Rapid Child Aging.
doctrainAUM not think that there are any time-travellings. I wish I was kidding.
I am going to think of this as a trollfic. Because my mind would stop functioning if I was forced to believe that it was a real person who seriously thought this was a good idea. Kudos to you for reading this; I never could...
Wow this fic is awful.
I... I don't even know what to say. I wish to apologize on behalf of... Well, I'll just say myself, but I want to apologize for you reading this. Because this is wrong on so many levels... I just... Wow.
That... That is beyond bad. I mean, I... Wow. Uhm, take a break if you need to; I don't think any of us will blame you for it.
EviIPaladin're talking to someone who, prior to this, liveblogged four bad stories. Part of a series. Yeah, I did take one break in between, but that was due to my old laptop dying.

So I won't give up until I covered every single bit. But thanks for the thought.

Though, with that being said, I wasn't really that frustrated, since I looked the page up, and, thus, I knew what was coming. It was partially to entertain. Even at the cost of my suffering.

The feeling of being drained, though, was completely real. Not just because of the stupidity (poorly-worded stupidity), but because of how tedious the actions are. Madara/Orochimaru kidnaps the women, Ronan saves them, a Wooden Duck occurs, lather, rinse, repeat.
Wow this is still really bad. But entertaining to read about. I am glad that Jake was lying about having a Wooden Duck with Katie.
The sheer length would daunt many lesser bloggers (like me). There's, what, 69 (. . . . '''HA''') parts? Krishna, I have no idea how one could survive such trials.
As much as I am absolutely and completely opposed to giving any sort of credit to this horrendous monstrosity, at least Ronan does the Big No after finding out that he was DUCKING* HIS MOTHER.

Then again, I am 93.61% sure that he'll go straight back to ducking her in the coming chapters. Ugh.
Fourteen chapters down, 56 to...seriously? There's still 56 chapters of this?! And not a decent plot to be seen for miles...I wish you the best of luck in this endeavor, arcadiarika, and hope that your mental scars will eventually heal.
Did you quit? I was loving this! Granted, the next chapter contains arguably the worst sex scene in the entire fic, but...

I actually found this on your blogger site. You could always do a censored version here, and an uncensored one there. Unless you've given up already - it's been two months since an update.

If it makes you feel better, chapter 18 has one of the funniest moments in the story, and then a certain character appears in chapter 19, 21, and 31. Also, the fic isn't nearly as NSFW during the second half.... I mean, it's still pretty grotesque at times (chapter 38's wooden duck and the wooden ducks from 50-53), but believe i
(got cut off) it or not, it does become more "plot" based as the fic goes on.
...You poor, brave bastard. I think you've earned some sort of medal for this.
YES. YOU'RE BACK! *does happy dance*
Aah Benji. Yes... you ought to watch out for this name. You won't regret it.

And this fic... SS vs PR may be mindfuckery bad, but I think I refuse to read this fic, even if I'm into Naruto. At least SS vs PR has better grammar than this. I hope you can keep up with this.

Also? The "I'm In Despair" speech? It's not from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. It's from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.
Oh god, I actually felt myself retch a little.

Kudos, good ma'am, for braving this badfic.
With courage, 1% becomes 100%... or something like that...

Basically, have courage trying to put up with this crap... and maybe you'll find that light at the end of this tunnel... I guess? Fight on Rika!
Wait, aren't you going to continue this?