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fourteenwings watches everything BRATZ
I'm not even sure where to begin... What IS this?
I'm not sure what you mean...
...This movie makes me twitch. Just a little, but still so.
God, the title dropping was SO forced. Then again, that's not all that's wrong with this utter pile of shit they tried to pass off as a watchable film.
Yeah, sorry about that. A troll posted a comment on here, I reported it, and Fast Eddie deleted the whole thing because he thought it was a review. Still don't know what on earth he was thinking.
It's fine, everything's good now (Aside from the fact that it looks like I have double the entries I should.)
Yeah, I think that'd be because the comments on the other entries weren't restored for some reason.
A few years ago, Cartoon Network aired all of these in one grand run, and I happened to watch out of curiosity. Man oh man the CGI was bad. It was roughly on par with the QuestWorld segments from The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, which was made in the mid-90s.

Eitan? Really?

I actually did an internship over last year and this one at a meat factory. It entailed me watching people do their job, and gradually being allowed to do little bits, slowly getting more and more responsibility until I was able to do the same job unsupervised. I imagine it would work the same way in a fashion magazine, and I don't think there's any particular reason Jade shouldn't get to intern as an editor's assistant, though it would be unrealistic for her to get that same job as soon as the internship ends.

I don't see what's so objectionable about referencing a nose job. There's nothing sexual about it, and isn't Kaycee portrated negatively for having had this done?

By the way, there's a rather infamous children's book called My Beautiful Mommy where said mommy does indeed get a nose job. The Internet hates it.

If Buffy the Vampire Slayer is anything to go by, at least some clubs will let 16-year-olds in, but they presumably would have to get a red X on their hands.

Wow, I'm being a real devils advocate here.

How do you get fired from an internship? The whole point of an internship is that you're not working for the company, you're just getting experience.

The French word for perfectly is actually parfaitement. Interestingly enough, perfesement gets 0 hits on Google, and I tried both Irish and French Google. Google Bomb!
You have to give them props for the hair though, it practically has it's own physics...

Even if she were interning as an Editor's Assistant, shouldn't there have been an actual assistant for her to watch?

I don't know. Plastic surgery is usually lumped in with other objectionable things when it comes to both children's and adults TV. It's not to do with the act itself I guess, but the way it's portrayed in other media that makes people so averse to mentioning it both in public and on child-friendly TV.

I didn't know that... but Genie Magic has an entire club of Bratz aged girls and boys in it, so maybe she meant teen clubs (which were a thing when this movie came out).

Perfecemente gets a few spanish hits though. Though I'm sure that wasn't what she was going for.
The lawn game is croquet. Funnily enough, Wikipedia has two footnote to the statement that it's a sport.

Reading your description, I am severely bugged by the lack of mention and consideration of money.

Apparently, the Bratz manage to get some nifty office space. I checked online; from what I can gather, Stilesville is supposed to be significant, but not the the extent of New York or Los Angeles, so I'm going to take Chicago as a proxy.

Office space rents in Chicago average around $25/sqft.yr. Let's say the Bratz are just renting 300sq ft. That's $7,500/yr, which equates to $576.92 per month*.

There's seven Bratz, so that works out to $82.42 per month each... I did have this whole rant about how they'd never be able to afford it, but considering how rich and spoiled they all are, that's probably within their means. Better hope their parents don't decide to cut them off.

HOWEVER! These are 16-year-old girls. Can minors even legally rent property? I get that, if a minor has some sort of income, they might be expected to make a contribution, but officially it's the parent/legal guardian who actually pays the rent.

And even if they can rent the place on their own, why should the landlord let them? They don't appear to even have a well-thought-out business plan to bring in the cash, let alone a first issue of the magazine to persuade the landlord that they might actually be able to keep paying. They furthermore lack the connections and social network required to create content (just because you know the big brands doesn't mean they'll pass on information to you), not to mention the practical knowledge of printing, marketing, and distributing a magazine, as well as copyright law. A sensible landlord will reserve her properties for tenants who are actually likely to keep ponying up the rent, so the most likely situation is that they girls' parents are footing the bill so that their daughters can play at being fashion writers. Um, why?

OK, the girls love fashion, and they do seem to be very enthusiastic and driven, which are admirable qualities that are generally worth fostering. But why do they need a huge office? They have their own computers - why not get them to work in one of their bedrooms of garages, starting off small and gradually working their way up to become a successful publication that can in fact draw in the money, which would persuade any sensible landlord to rent them office space.

Also, you mentioned that each of the girls is the editor of some segment of the magazine. Fair enough, but who's in charge of accounts? If you intend your publication to be major enough to require proper office space, you need to turn a profit, and that means someone keeping track of income from sales and advertising vs outgoing rent, payroll, and other expenses. All the girls seem to want to be writing it; have they taken any interest at all in the boring but necessary bureaucratic aspects?

Then there's the matter of photos and interviews. You generally can't publish a model's photo without her permission, and they tend to want money for that. Likewise, the people they might wish to interview are within their rights to demand money for an interview, which is going to push up the operating costs.

This might be assayed by advertising, but they're just getting started; it's going to be some time before they can garner enough circulation that people will pay good money for ads.

Tangent: If Your Thing is so prestigious, why are its offices in a building with a rat problem?

Now, they apparently get an all-expenses-paid trip to London? OK, but somebody has to pay those expenses, and that somebody is going to be Burdine, and she is under no obligation to pay for anything even if the Bratz hadn't stolen the tickets. See, getting expenses paid depends on receipts, and even if it is all expenses paid, the person paying the expenses has complete discretion over what to pay in order to avoid people abusing the system.

So, for example, if you interview somebody over coffee, you might reasonably be expected to be reimbursed for the coffee. However, if you decide to take in some sightseeing while in London, that's coming out of your own pocket.

By the way, prom means something completely different in Britain. The idea of having a big formal dance after secondary school finishes is present, but they call it something else.
Croquet! Thanks, sometimes I can be such an airhead...

Stilesville is supposed to be in California, so it's probably a bit more expensive.

IIRC in the Bratz Rock Angelz video game there's an entire department on the ground floor dedicated to letting these four girls hang out and produce a magazine, so that takes care of most of the actual work. Though will all the costs I wonder just how rich these girls are.
Mary Sues? In something that is not a bad fanfic? What has this world come to?