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Two Fanfics for the Price of One Mega-Liveblog! Rika Liveblogs The Prayer Warriors: Attack of the Sphinx/The Titans Strike Back!
In The Kane Chronicles, the "House of Life" (or"Per Ankh) is divided into what they call "nomes"- they numbered 1 to 360- 1 being Egypt, 360 being Antarctica- Carter and Sadie Kane- the protagonists of the books live in the 21th nome, on the eastern coast of the United States of America. Also, to be fair, in the first two books, Carter and Sadie were considered criminals and heretics in the Per Ankh for studying (and, later, teaching) the path of gods, a crime that was made illegal and punishable by death shortly after the fall of Egypt.
Well, kites, as in the bird, not the... toy, I guess? Not quite sure what to call them, but, yes, there's kind of bird known as a kite, and they are, somewhat inexplicably, an arc animal, of sorts, with Carter, Sadie, Zia, and many others summoning them.
How even a troll can come up with shit like that, I don't know...

I truly commend your ability to sit through it and live blog it. :D
A Dolan reference? athor plz. I don't know how on Earth this is even existing. Well done on this liveblog.
...yes, I realize that Thomas returned. But I'm just going to stick to my plan and not liveblog any more of his works.

Part of the reason why is because, with his return, I honestly don't know if it's really a Troll Series and Idiosy is just messing with everyone else for lulz, or if it's really a bad fanfic series by someone who, at the time (not sure if it's the same right now), was not doing his own religion any favors. Any way you slice it, it's still horrendous.

Another part is because I've moved on with this sort of thing, at least liveblogging this entire series. Any more I do say against the series, it would reflect worse on me than on Thomas. And when I wrote the epilogue of this liveblog, I literally had nothing else to say about it.

So, yeah, while it's nice and all that you guys alerted me to his return, even though I learned of it beforehand, I just don't wish to mess with them anymore. Sorry.
Did this idiot name the Titans after the Elementals from the Crash Bandicoot game.
Hello, this is Idiosy, been around three years, soon to be four, since I let myself get trapped in that infernal troll fic. While I occasionally enjoy coming around and reading Tv Tropes articles on the whole matter, I do want to clarify that I am in no way Thomas Brown. I apologize for feeding that troll and probably prolonging his spree more than it would have gone on had I kept my mouth shut.

However, I did not make anyone read, review, and start a subculture around his fanworks. No one made anyone read or write commentaries on his stuff. I do find it hypocritical that you criticize me and Benry for egging Tom on, yet at the same time, you gave him recognition too, by making these commentaries.

But in the long run, it's all pointless, and glad the sordid affair has been vanquished for good. Arrivederci.