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When Worlds Collide: VS. The Boskeyverse
Modern era dinosaurs...unless it was strongly justified or hand waved like in Jurassic Park or any other dinosaur film with humans in that is not in the past, it really doesn't make sense.
I lol'd at "My name's Littlefoot". The rest of this was really confusing, but now I understand it was all just buildup to that burst of genius.
My Lullaby certainly is epic. *still prefers Be Prepared*
This isn't a proper crossover between the two. Aren't they supposed to be about interaction between these two universes? Geez. This writer has something for dinosaurs that's reaching the point of unhealthy for writing any sort of crossover fanfiction.

Oh and I like to use the Multiverse as justification when I write too. It works perfectly for Kamen Rider Decade and in some kind of sense for Dragon Knight.
To see what's good and bad? That's the approach I use.