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Let's Read This Crud Again! Blue Shadows MSTing (for real this time!)
I'm a big fan of bad fanfics/trollfics, and this one has a wonderful feel to it. The complete absence of quotation marks and most punctuation makes it even better.

Also: It took exactly 14 years and 11 months for the rest of the world to forgive Conor? It's just too convenient, man.

Also also: Did you notice that there were some literary tics in this story? "Your my _____ alright" is repeated, word-for-word including errors. This guy has a habit of capitalizing words just for being nouns.
I'm missing something, how do you know Conor's an author-insert (besides the fact that he's a antihero-Sue)?

"I all ways tell the truth even when I'm lying" is a misheard quote from Scarface. Not nearly as bad as the Duke Nukem one.

Lol, "Knuckle head". He didn't want to delete the word "Knuckles" so he found a way to work the same letters into a new sentence.

"Shadow shouted blasting Conor back into a wall." WHAT WALL??? They're outside and Shadow's on the ground. If anything, shouldn't it have thrown Conor upwards?
I assume he's an author insert character because his author name is Conor T. Hedgehog.

Doesn't get more blatant than that, I think.

Man, I thought "A Conor T. Hedgehog story" was just the subtitle, but then I looked at his page. 0_0

I knew was bad, I had no idea it could be as bad a /circlejerk as deviantArt. He has 46 reviews on "Blue Shadows". 30 of them are his co-authors telling eachother how great they are, 14 are "OMG THIS STORY HAD SONIC IN IT!!!" fanchildren, and 2 are honest-to-goodness reviews.

Here's my favorite:

Just a little poke at the summary: who's Fiona and who's Conor?

Don't answer that because the second question is: why should we, Sonic fans, care? Reformat the summary to make it look like a Sonic fan fiction, not a story about whathisname from whatsitsplace.

Fix chapter one. Those missing spaces, punctuation marks and overall simplicity makes me frown you considered rating it M. The word is 'prologue' not 'prolouge', as your chapter title claims.

Have a nice, abuse-free day."
Jergling (edited by: Jergling)
Holy space-Jesus! It gets even better! This "Lord Kelvin" guy follows Conor's work, telling him to use quotes and stop posting scriptfic drivel, but his reviews get drowned out by the other kids' use of the review board as a chatroom!

I'd really like to analyze the psychology of groups like this. There seems to be this mentality that "great work" is actually "work that's on par with mine BUT NOT BETTER!!1!!1one"
I'd like to note, just quickly, that Fiona isn't a fan character but a character from the Archie Comics. Not bashing the guy's review, it's a criticism to the fanfic which instantly puts it in my good books, I was just throwing that out there.