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Puella Magi Iku Masamune Magica
The title made me think that this would be a Madoka liveblog done in character as Ika Musume.

Oh well.
Ah yes, the first of many whams that this series flung towards its viewers. Stuff like this is why I love Madoka Magica.

Also I'm quite certain that Kyosuke's accident gets explained in supplemental material. Just can't remember exactly which stuff. XD
You forgot to note that Sayaka refused the apple because Kyouko wouldn't tell her where she got them from. It's important to note that, while she's started going through her breakdown, she's still clinging to her notions of a magical girl serving as a just figure (honesty being one aspect).
Yeah, the train bit was pretty much indecisive as far as what ultimately happened. Manga says that they're dead, and the anime heads are split between "it didn't happen" and "i dunoe lol"

SAKURAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII *ahem* is wrong. It's just Sakura. Mami is my personal fave, but Kyouko is neck-and-neck with Homura for second.
Yeah, time travel antics are always a horrid experience to recollect, but you did a nice job. Fun little fact - at the start of the 4th timeline, Homura uses her magic to fully heal herself (eyes and all) to go with the image change. It's assumed that every timeline afterwards has her doing this as a result.
In the meantime, there will always be Morning Rescue. : D
Finale, please?