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Nevermind the Bronies, here is The Prayer Ponies
...maybe the ponies have never heard of Jesus because Jesus isn't even the same species?

Oh, Celestia, this is gonna be painful.
You know, now I'm starting to honestly wonder what Jesus-Pony's cutie mark would be. And Thats Terrible. Making it a cross would be kind of morbid if you think about it, but A) the cross can't be the symbol of Christianity before he dies on it, can it, and B) you can't really crucify a pony. There's that Jesus-fish thing, but I think that was a later miracle... According to most accounts, his first miracle was water into wine, so maybe a wine glass or wine barrel? But I think that happened later in his life, so that's a long time to go without a cutie mark. Maybe a hammer and nails, since he was a carpenter? But that wouldn't necessarily be his special talent.

Maybe pony-Jesus has an extra miracle—the miracle of the Changing Cutie Mark. What began as a simple carpentry-related mark metamorphosed into...! Eh, I dunno.
@Freezair For A Limited Time From what I remember, the Marriage at Cana,which is when the water into wine thing was performed, was one of his earlier miracles, before he even went on his missionary. So yeah, I would assume it could be his "butt mark", although a hammer and nails representing him as a carpenter would be more likely. And since a hammer and nails was the cause of his death, it would be ironic as well.

If I remembered also, some of his followers were fishermen, so they might have had the fish as their cuttie mark.
BTW, according to an author's note she made in Evil Gods II, Ebony's not gonna continue her MLP fanfic.
BTW, according to an author's note she made in Evil Gods II, Ebony's not gonna continue her MLP fanfic.

That's the first thing written in any of this set fics that gives me hope there might be a merciful and benevolent god after all.

Sorry about not updating but Ive been abit busy. Once I free Ill write finish liveblogging this. Knowing that theres going to be only 6 chapters makes me feel much better and motivated finish what I have started. Thats only 5 chapters left. Arcadiarika did 80 or so of this crap so I shouldnt be complaining.