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Psyga's A Cynic: Let's Watch Annabelle's Wish
You failed to mention that the lawyer is Lex Luthor.
Wait... What? {googles}

Crap... You're right. I've failed to mention this because I didn't know he was Lexxy. He also played the sheriff.
Wait, so this is about Cow Jesus?
I... I guess so. Huh. Never saw her like that.
Psyga315 it bad that this is one of those movies where the supposed "villain" (Agnes) has a point about the whole thing? How Billy needs to spend some time with therapists?

Granted, it's been a while since I've seen it, but...I actually find it funny that someone who's played by Cloris Leachman has more than a point than the kid who grows up to be Randy Travis. >__>
Yeah, I agree with you. Agnes does raise a good point. She's rich, and she's already paying money for a lawyer to find loopholes. Of course she will spend that money to find the best doctors to cure Billy's muteness, whether it's trauma or smoke that caused it.
...sssshit, I forgot about the whole "Billy doesn't speak" subplot.

And, honestly, that's pretty damn sweet. Why the hell did the people not take the opportunity? To show the Aesop that all people are special, no matter what problems they have?

In a good movie, it's a good moral to teach. Here, in this sappy film? That sounds more like an Esoteric Happy Aesop than anything else.
That's the one thing I remember from this movie. My memory of it actually stops there, so until I read part four, this is how it ended to me.
That was honestly a good liveblog. And I have to admit, the ending was just...what.

I'm just wondering as to how the hell Annabelle became a reindeer and can speak—the ending. That was just...

I guess it's because it's magic, they don't have to explain it?

Having that said, you're right in the fact that the antagonists are better than our "heroes". And as I think about it more, doesn't it seem a bit selfish that Baker didn't want to have Agnes get Billy?
Yeah, but take it from his perspective, he said that he and Billy are all they got. Not to mention that he was determined to have Billy speak.
Oh, so THAT's how it ended. I thought the ending seemed a bit down for a kids' Christmas movie.