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Shinobaka-Wryte and the Last Inheritance
Egads, you poor, brave warrior.
Good luck. You're going to need it.
Luck, nothing. You need whiskey. *passes the bottle around*
"and all who gazed upon them despaired, for their beauty was great and terrible."

I thought that was a reference to Ozymandias. Would've actually been sort of fitting too, although real tacky. Or would that be giving Paolini too much credit?
I can kind of see that now that you bring it up, but the extremely similar wording still cements it as ripping off Galadriel in my mind. Honestly, the very instant I read that sentence in the book, my brain went straight to Galadriel's mirror scene in the film. The wording is just too damningly similar.

I might be willing to go out on a limb and say he could have been going for an Ozymandias reference and it was coincidental that it came out this way, but that doesn't excuse the similarity, especially since he has an editor (and I'd still call it a stretch in the first place).
Hey; most of the links here are 404s.
Arya, on the other hand, "alit" (TAC: 3) her way into the courtyard.

Really Paolini? I remember the first time I encountered the word "alight". It was in The Lion, The Witch, And the Wardrobe. And Lewis only put it in there to help emphasize how differently the characters spoke at that point in their lives on Narnia, as Kings and Queens of the Realm.

And not only does Paolini just drop the word, he drops it's past-tense form, which will be even more difficult to track down even if you knew the present tense form.

How the hell is it that a hack like this is a published author?

Eragon's enrage procs and he goes for the macro that pops all his cooldowns at once

You sir are a far better writer than Paolini will ever be.
he's, eh, he's not a dark jedi, he's a sith. but that's all right.
oh my god, he's actually a dark jedi, i feel fucking stupid.
Transitions? What transitions? I'll just make the character faint!
Arya goes straight to breaking into his mind and putting him to sleep, which makes the people in the room think she's killed him, and "Eragon attempted to convince them otherwise* ," which is a very passive way to describe what should be a strong action.

I imagine that was probably his editor telling him that other people don't always agree with what your protagonists do. So Paolini put in this bit of drivel to make everything seem more reasonable. Slightly.
It... it varies. There's some scenes that make you think there's hope, but there's still plenty full of bullshit and Unfortunate Implications.

I hope you keep this up.
I don't know. The excerpts here didn't do much to improve my overall opinion of the book. Even the better sentences are rambling and wordy, and the racist joke was about the most obvious racist joke that could possibly be made in such a situation.

Well... that came out wrong.