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Pour Some Cristal for My Homies. Let's Play a Splintered Horn Run of Valkyria Chronicles
Post it on Youtube! Pleeeeeeease? [puppy dog eyes]
Sadly, I don't have any decent recording software. Otherwise, I'd have this up as a screenshot LP or even a Video one (with my wonderful Voice included), though I hope I can do one of those in the future.
I was one of those people that waited for a price drop before obtaining this game, and now I'd gladly call this one of the best that I've ever played. Solid gameplay, interesting characters, and the music...oh, I could write an entire paragraph or two about the music alone. Here's hoping that many of the men you take under your wing in days to come will survive to the end of the war, and that you enjoy yourself while fighting for the sake of Gallia's future.
I approve of you rejecting the ZM karcrash. E grade accuracy? that power ain't worth it.

And how kind of you to make your troops charge against the massive empire with smgs instead of miniguns for the sake of our amusement.

Speaking of troops, the soldiers from this list that I like would be: Nancy Dufour, Freesia York, Coby Caird (old guys for the win!) Wendy Cheslock (Heart attack inducing explosions for the win!) Edy Nelson, Aisha Nuemann, Jann Walker (I hear that guy also voiced Marcus Fenix from gears of war) Nils Daerden, Ramsey Clement and Marina Wulfstan (predictable no?)

All shocktroopers, all the time.

Only way to go. :D
I like both Vyse and Ted, so if you can squeeze those two in and not get them killed, awesome ;)
I do believe that your Liveblog thus far is quite superb. I'd utter more compliments, but I seem to be drawing a blank at this particular moment. Sorry!

Rather nice selection of troops you've been dealt, I see. A tad short on the Sniper side, but as long as you don't lose both of them too quickly, such matters will be rectified in due time. For now, I'm voting for Noce Wordsworth and Karl Landzaat. Liam O'Brien's voice is the stuff that dreams are made of...well, the dreams of aristocrats with a few screws loose, at any rate. And even if the readers can't hear his work, why deprive you of the pleasure? Plus, I do believe you mentioned something about Karl's fiance/wife/girl-he's-in-a-relationship-with-during-the-war...