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Let Fate Guide Us: Barrylocke plays unexpected Game Boy Advance games
Looks like it'll be fun.
Does the site have hacks, or just standard games?
I know the site has hacks, but I don't know if it has GBA hacks. Chances are, if there are any hacks, they're for more popular games that hackers would actually want to hack, and as my next entry will show, the GBA had a decent amount of shovelware.
I am in favor of this idea!
Part of me thinks that this is a good idea, while another part worries that you'll eventually roll up a long & difficult game like Sacred Stones and lose interest just when the plot is picking up. Regardless, I wish you good luck on this endeavor, and I'll try my best to be here for future updates.
Sounds interesting. So if you find one in another language you have to try to play it anyway?
If the Rom has an English option, then I'll play that, so if I roll Fire Emblem: Rekka No Ken, then I'll play Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword (though tbh if I happen to roll that particular game, I'll probably reroll since I have a very extensive let's play of that almost done). If the game doesn't exist in English with neither an official version or a patch, then yes, I gotta stick with it.
That pepper sprite looks so out of place. Everything else looks like it was ripped from a movie, and then BAM! Microsoft free clip art!
The "Muscle!" pose horse sprite reminds me of Mr. Horse from Ren And Stimpy. Which is appropriate, considering that your attitudes on his segments could probably best be summed up as, "No sir, I don't like it."
"Save the Sheriff"? That was a fun game many years ago, I'm going to play it again now and see if I can actually finish...

EDIT: After many tries...yes. Never could manage to beat it in middle school. Sad, isn't it.
montagohalcyon (edited by: montagohalcyon)
Don't feel bad, I sucked at Save the Sheriff too back in High School.
Heh, just noticed this now. Sounds like a good idea, though I hope you get luckier next time you randomize.

Also, aren't those green guys Skrulls, aliens who have antagonized the Fantastic 4 quite a few times?

Here's hoping the next game isn't a licensed beat-'em-up.
What is it with lisenced games and being unable to pick genres and stick with 'em?
Well, it is your choice, as you're the one writing the liveblog, but if I was in your position, I would choose either A, or B (or B2, or B3: Play the Wiiware/iOS version) and just skip case 5 (since I seem to recall that that case was added in the DS version).
If you'd never played the DS remake, I'd say go for it, since you fumbling through the Japanese text in a heavily text-based game would be hilarious. But since you know it already, and I think the novelty would be part of the fun, I'd say pass it by. Reroll, my friend.
I said, "Roll again!"

I say that, if it lands on a game you already played (and don't wish to play again) you should simply do a quick one-phrase review of the game and re-roll.

After all, you're doing this to play random games you never played before, right?
A or D!
Personally, I'd say reroll. If you decide to play it, you should play the English version. Sure, it's not GBA, but playing it in a language you don't understand (I assume that you can't read Japanese) would be rather unfun and confusing.
Do something different: play the original Japanese GBA game, but only through the first chapter. You'll spend a LOT of time if you play some of the games all the way through, I mean, what if you pick Final Fantasy IV next?
Blinky is a mole. I think he was first introduced in Spyro: A Hero's Tail. He had some annoying sub-stages. And speaking of annoying sub-stages, Mario Party called. They want their gimmick back.

With that X Called They Want Their Y Back remark, I had to thank you for that laugh.

Woah, that's an actual trope? I didn't actually know that page existed!
OK, those puns were awful, but the good kind of awful. :D

Waiting eagerly on the next game!