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Orange and Blue: Let's read I am Number Four
Hilarious. Can't wait for the next part. Though really, the first one is I Am Number Four and the second is The Power of Six? Smush those two together and you're just begging for...well...

I like present tense, but those lines are just not good.

Looking forward to more.
Best part is that it was all focus-grouped to find the "next big hit". Luckily, it looks like it didn't succeed in it's goal. Good read so far, nice job!
@Young Machete No kidding, this franchise is so unashamedly high concept there's no way it could be actually good. (Do we have a trope for that?) It's like what Chris Columbus is to Steven Spielberg. I have a desire to read the new sequel just to see if they try to go anywhere interesting with the story especially now that the Pettyfer-led movie franchise looks stillborn.
And thanks for the kind comments everyone :)
Well, that's going to make masturbation difficult.
But not impossible ; )

can't wait for the next update
This seems very interesting, and your commentary is really funny. I wonder how his phone didn't get fried...

Best closing lines ever, by the way.
Perhaps Mogadorians like to Kill It With Fire and attack in the dark, so this power comes first just to prevent their baseline tactics?
This'll come back later actually. Don't worry, it turns out when you're from Lorien your first superpower is your lamest one.

If you ask me, aliens with super strength and one extra superpower would have been enough, and they could have turned the power of light into less is more. But apparently one superpower per hero isn't enough and they really run with that as we'll see in forthcoming chapters =/
This reminds me so much of my first attempt at writing it's rather disturbing. STOP PLAGARISING MY 11-YEAR OLD SELF!

Yeah, I am guessing that Four thinks that Lorien's society was really great because he's been fed the positive line on it all his life, while by the time he was able to start questioning things for himself, he's on Earth and having to live with its problems.

Kind of like how Krypton was supposed to be this scientific Utopia, but whenever we see its actual government via flashback or survivors, they're pretty much dicks.
I looked around in the Government index for a trope that would explain why having a Council Of Elders in an advanced society is a silly assumption but didn't find anything. Maybe I should bring that up in YKTTW.

It's okay that they miss their home planet and what they lost there. But in many ways Four is a representation of post- September Eleventh Americans, and that makes his views of government really problematic and I'll cover that in detail when the time comes. But first, we have a few more chapters of wacky romance!
Don't spoiler me, but I wonder if part of what's going on here is a deliberate shrouding of the "Original Position" effect. That is to say, presenting a society in which certain people get enormous advantages and everyone else gets the shaft but slanting the presentation such that the viewer presumes they would be in the good position rather than the far more likely bad position if they entered that society. The intended audience of young adults is supposed to identify with Four, and imagine themselves as the really cool and powerful Garde and not the Keepers.

I am also wondering (don't spoiler me) if the reason Lorien fell so fast despite its amazing superpeople is because the Keepers were much, much less satisfied with this relationship than Four has been told.
I think you're right, and I think that's supported by the Keepers evidently being a minority on Lorien. Trying to figure out how a society structured this way could possibly work hurts my brain, so it's enough to say it makes no sense and leave it at that. But at the very least, there's a hilarious assumption here that Lorien had a minority servant class that comprised all of the bureaucrats, scholars, and childcare workers because everyone else was out being awesome with their awesome super powers, all the time, because who wants to do that boring stuff all 200 years of their life? Who would want to be a parent if they could shoot lightning from their fingertips?

The writers are manchildren.
Hadri (edited by: Hadri)
The one thing that amazed me most about this book was how boring Four was.

I mean, you have an alien on the run from other aliens who gets super powers because why the hell not and he's still so ungodly boring and one-note that it's practically an achievement.