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Filler, Fighting, and Squicktacular Romance: Rika Liveblogs Kickboxing Academy!
In terms of "butt-something" insults, I am more of a fan of the venerable "buttmunch."
I never understood the whole "Make the business fail so I can buy it!" plot. If you want to buy a business, it's because it's successful, yes? But if you make it fail, you'll probably have to spend so much money making it successful again that you might as well have just tried to buy it when it was successful!
Lol, you nearly hit the head of the nail with that whole "and he leaves for good" comment. Nearly being the key word.
This was a pretty fun Liveblog. I liked it. Though I can't wait to see what the Nostalgia Critic would say about this. If he ever reviews it.
Psyga315 (edited by: Psyga315)
Yeah. Who knows, someone should suggest that to him.

Though the credits are some of the most "WTF?" things of all. Aside from what I mentioned, others include "Wood Stock: Great Concert", and at the end of the credits, the bit where I noticed the "Go ahead and try something" disclaimer added onto the usual disclaimer about unauthorized use, I also noticed that parts of it are...missing. I don't know if they're making a joke or...what. Or this is their climax of the "They Just Didnt Care" phase.

Anyway, thanks for reading the liveblog and the comments!
Bravo, miss Rika! GOOD JAERB! I think I actually saw this movie once... Not sure, though. It was stupid then, too, if I did.