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A village can raise a child, but who raises villages? Let's Play My Sims!
Heh! I don't mind other people using script format, but whatever you want to do. For Kingdom, I'm not even going to try to give my character dialogue, but the other characters' lines will be in script.

But speaking of Agents, if you had chosen to send Agent Rosalyn on the "Time For Toast" mission, she would have gone to an alternate dimension where she sees this Rosalyn.

Also, do you plan on 100%ing it? It's fine if not; I'm just curious.
100% completion, you say? Well, I promise to aim towards meeting every townsperson and achieving maximum friendship with each and every one of them. I just hope that I can find the time to achieve such a lofty goal...that, and not just procrastinating like I've done with other liveblogs.

And I forget if it's in your blog or not, but I remember reading somewhere that Agent Leaf can bump into Kingdom Leaf. Isn't continuity a wonderful thing to mess around with?