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Fool's super special Pokemon Green Liveblog
This is a pretty interesting idea.
I plan on not only discussing the Nuzlocke, but the minute differences like the sprites, dungeon layout changes and my troubles in "What Item/Attack does what?" due to my inability to read Japanese.

Yeah. This'll be fun.
Oh goody, I've been looking forward to this. Nice one, Fool.
How did you fit "Eridan"? Can't Pokemon names only be 5 kana long in these early games? Or are you pretending to call it that?

That said, I can help out with any kana problems you have, as well as many general Japanese language issues.
As explained in the first LB, his name is just an assortment of random Kana symbols, but I just called him Eridan for the sake of the Nuzlocke (Green/Midori doesn't have any English letters to use for nicknames). Its what I've been doing with th rest of my team as well.

Help with the Kana would be much appriciated.
I see.


I think a basic grasp of katakana charts should be the first step here (since I can't be right there while you play the game), and these will help when you need to name stuff.

VOWELS: The first column (I'm not sure whether it'll be on the right or left) are the vowels, ordered a-i-u-e-o. Weird, yes, but it makes the table symmetrical. To make sure whether you're on the katakana chart or hiragana, the katakana chart will have these vowels: アイウエオ, while the hiragana chart will have あいうえお. I tended to remember the difference back when I was first learning by looking at the e - does it look like a Z or an I?

CONSONANTS: From there, the remaining columns are in order: k, s, t, n, h, m, y, r & w. I still haven't figured out a mnemonic or anything to remember that yet, but it's only the middle three I've had trouble with. Each of the kana in these rows (bar a short few which I'll address later if you care enough) is the column's consonant and the row's vowel... So for example ni is in the fourth column, second row.

N: Separate from all these lines is the lone n, which has no vowel. It looks like this: ン (which is unfortunately very similar to "so" - ソ)

Dakuten: You've likely seen by now (although I guess you haven't really noticed) marks above a few of the kana. The mark which looks like a " turns the k, s, t & h lines into g, z, d & b lines respectively. The mark which looks like a turns the h line into a p line.

Japanese Ranguage: As most people know, r & l are pretty much interchangeable in Japanese. Usually written as r. The same applies for b & v, as well as z & j, to a limited degree.

DASHES & SMILIES? And finally, there will be two symbols to watch out for: one which looks like a hyphen or dash, which just extends the previous vowel, and one which looks like this:ツ, which doubles the next consonant.


Sorry if that was a bit much at once, but that's only the basics, unfortunately. (If you had/have interest in learning Japanese, learning the hiragana first would probably be better, although everything I've just said still applies. >_>)

If you want to be able to read these on your own, there is more help I can give, such as what vowels to use when, and which to ignore when.
This will be very helpful when it comes to items. Thanks for the help with Kana Sabbo.
If you want help reading rather than just writing (which I figured might be the case), then there's a couple more things you should know:

It is not si, it is shi.
It is not ti, it is chi.
It is not tu, it is tsu.
It is not hu, it is fu.
It is not zi or di, it is ji.

The vowels in the U row are generally ignorable, as are the O's in the T & D columns. (eg. gureito=great)

"Er" and everything which sounds like that in English is rendered as "aa" or "a-" in Japanese (dokutaa=doctor).

The word "a" is spelled ei in Japanese (they don't actually have this word; I'm just saying a pronunciation here). Also, "I" is ai.
Examples: gureito=great; Bai=bye/buy.

A small ya, yu or yo may come after anything in the I row; in cases like these, ignore the i (so cue=kiyuu=kyuu=キュー. Or tune=tiyuun=tyuun=チューン). Other small kana (except tsu) follow a similar principle, but not quite; don't worry about the differences.

Katakana more often uses the ー than repeats the vowel (So tune is チューン rather than チュウン). Hiragana more often repeats the vowel.


Sorry I couldn't title these like I did the last lot, but there wasn't as much in this post so it should be okay.
Thanks again Sabbo.

Hopefully I will be able to read some things correctly after this.
Aw come on, Paras doesn't look that bad.
Consider yourself lucky you can't encounter Mew by normal means in this game. Mewtwo though...

I'll be interested in seeing how this LP goes. I always thought the rules for the "Nuzlocke Challenge" didn't seem all that... challenging. This LP doesn't seem to be proving me wrong so far, either, but it's also still the early game. Either way, I'll be interested in seeing how this turns out.
Oh I'll be encountering Mew during this run. Whether It be later in the Game when I get Fly or if I have Vriska's luck and catch an Abra.

(Paras looked bad to me because I was nearly half asleep when I encounterd it and it scared the living daylights out of me)
Gawd, Nidoqueen is chunk-ayy.
Just encounted Mew because I was lucky enough to find an Abra on Route 24.

Who's idea was it to make Mew's sprite an aborted testicle? More on that next installment.
Aborted... testicle?
Are you caring about whether your fire/water/grass/electric/ice/psychic Pokemon have a good special stat or not? I mean, Jolteon's fine in that way, and Ninetails isn't that bad, but I'm still curious.

Oh, and how's the language barrier going for ya?
I don't care about the Special. The reason I chose to evolve Sollux into a Jolteon is because most of Gen I can be beaten by a combanation of Blastoise and an electric type (Normally Zapdos or Jolteon). Ninetails is just a Handy Pokemon to have around.

It only giving me trouble with a few items. I have Bulbapedia to tell me what the Level Up moves are for my mons (Which are identical to western R/B). The TM's still have the number on the end so I can check what they actually are.
Haha. I'm not actually terribly surprised. Pokemon is after all a rather easy game, even with the Nuzlocke rules stacked on top of the rest. :P