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Jolyne Kujo's Bizarre Adventure! Let's Read Stone Ocean
A big part of the fun of Jojo is the the author's ability to rescue his characters from seemingly unwinable situations in ways that actually make sense (although there was one Ass Pull near the end of the third part). No matter how obvious it is who will win a fight, Araki can keep you guessing how they win until the last second.

And the end of Part 5 wasn't an Ass Pull because.....?

Even by shonen standards, that's a pretty ridiculous outfit.

And by Jo Jo standards, its normal.

But anyway, I am interested to see where this goes.

Gold Experience Requiem wasn't an Ass Pull because it was made very clear 20 or so chapters before that that whoever pierced his Stand with the arrow first would win. I'm not going to defend the whole HUMAN SOULS HAVE LIGHTBULBS ON THE BACK OF THEIR HEADS thing.
Jotaro: Hey Jolyne. How's it hanging?

Jolyne: F*CK YOU DAD!! You leave mom to go out and study your F*CKING Narwhals in your F*CKING Ocean while I'm trapped in this F*CKING prison?! What kind of a dad are you?

Jotaro: .......I made Fajitas.

Jolyne: I'm allergic to Mexican!


Star Platinum is stronger than Gold Experience Requiem? I don't think so. Maybe GER reverted back to normal Gold Experience after killing Diavolo?

I am not sure if Pucci even knew Requiem existed.
That was a presumably omniscient narrator talking, not Pucci.