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Bioware makes a bad Lord of the Rings game AKA Bioware makes Baldur's Gate 3 AKA Horny Dwarves: The game
"I have a massive love-hate relationship with this game."

Really. Sounds more like it's just hate.
No, I really do like this game. As I said, I've already putin a huge amount of time on it and beaten it once. I dislike much of the characters, mainly due to my dislike of bioware's continued use of the same plot.

However, like most bioware games, it really, really starts to pick up. I love the customization and the different origins, and Orzammar is an awesome level. The only 2 sections past lothering that I dislike are Redcliffe (Just Redcliffe, not the Urn quest), and the forest. Other than that, it's a very good game, as it usually is with bioware. Even if they copy-paste party members and opening to every one of their games, their writing usually makes it worth it. I'm just an accentuate the negatives type of guy, so crap like the omnipresent blood and pointless optional sexual encounters really annoy me. Believe me though, I would not be doing a Live Blog of a minimum 20 hour game if I hated it.
This should be interesting. I share your thoughts about this game, really; half the time I love it, half the time I hate it. I still like it better than Mass Effect though.

I say Dwarf, because the romance scenes with a dwarf are hilarious. I hope you romance someone just so we can see some pictures of awkward dwarf-lovin'. I don't care about gender. Classes... I hate Alistair, so I'd say sword-and-shield warrior so you don't have to bring him. Dwarf noble for origin; it gives some lead into a Paragon Of Her Kind, which is by far the best quest in the game. For name... I don't know. Pick something dwarven, I guess.
Dwarf Noble.
Dwarf noble it is. Gotrek Aeducan shall make his way across ferelden, fighting darkspawn and bedding every man, woman, child, and thing that he can lay his dirty dwarven hands on. The taller the better.

He'll be a rogue, since I dislike playing typical warrior classes, but Alistair will end up either dead or drunk and penniless by the time this is through. I'll update tonight with the first half of the origin and then finish it off tommorrow night, I figure.
"Trian needs to get laid."

Pretty much his entire character in a nutshell.
That Continuity Nod to the Dwarf Commoner PC is the reason the Dwarf Noble origin is my favorite of the six. Well that and the characters actually call you by name instead of just "You" or "The warden" (I know he's not a warden yet but you know)

Keep this up, man, I like it so far.