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Liveblogs and Beorc: Part II: The Return of Valkyria Chronicles
I just picked up this game on Friday, and just realized that there's a Liveblog about it. So far, I think you're doing good; enough detail for those that haven't played the game but want to hear the story to follow along, while throwing in a few humorous comments here and there. I like this opening, and hope that more entries will be recorded in days to come.

Oh, and don't worry too much about Rankings; I think they're only decided by how many turns it takes you to fulfill the main objective. And sometimes, it's better to stay on the map for a few extra turns to eliminate the enemy forces and make victory easier...or just to explore and see if there's something unique that you would've missed otherwise.
Experience and such is based on rankings though, so in the long run the game gets harder if you get worse ranks early on. They are just based on turns taken though, which is sort of a flaw with the game, in my opinion.