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Five Blind Heroes - Hydra Plays Final Fantasy V Blind
>blind >immediately pick up that Faris is a woman despite the fact that her sprite looks like Conan the Barbarian with purple hair

..Not buying it.
I can. Faris looks like a chick. Heck, was my reaction too when I played FFV, I assumed Faris being called "he" was a translation hiccup.
Ghilz (edited by: Ghilz)
Her sprite looks like a toddler whose' hair is longer than she is. Her portrait is only slightly more ambiguous, but I can't see a guy having lips that size.

I'm playing the GBA remake, so maybe it was less obvious in the original, but I can't see ANYONE mistaking that for a guy.

I'm talking about the GBA remake myself. Whatever, it's not that big a deal. I first played the game with foreknowledge of her true gender so I don't know what it's like to suspect or anything.

Anyway, sorry to start us off on a bad note like that. I really like this game, so I'm interested in where you go with it — particularly in your job selection. As I recall, I tended to put Faris in tanking, combat-oriented jobs, Galuf in magically-inclined ones, Bartz in various support roles, and Lenna in a fairly random assortment.
EponymousKid (edited by: EponymousKid)

F, huh? What's the pun that blew up in the hangar?
I had intended to make F a Monk from the beginning.

Monks typically punch people.

I was going to reserve the inevitable 'Falcon Punch!' exclamation for when I eventually got a fortuitous critical with him; in hindsight, probably a good thing that one never got off the ground.
I generally make all my characters Blue Mages when I'm trying to learn blue magic. It takes less time that way.

At any rate, I'm enjoying this so far.
I do what Shield Of Doom does.

Anyway, so far so good; I had an old liveblog of this that is now sadly archived. Keep it up.
Blue Magic is almost more trouble than it's worth by my money. Especially considering how some spells are Lost Forever after a certain point. I actually had Bartz as a Beastmaster, controlling monsters just so I could learn their moves, it was a big hassle.

Anyway, what jobs are you looking at for your guys after the Water Crystal? To my recollection, my setup was something like Blue Mage (Bartz), Red Mage (Galuf), Berserker (Lenna), Mystic Knight (Faris).
Yeah, I tend to ignore Blue Magic when I play Final Fantasy games. I just find it too much of a hassle.

I wonder if trying to pass Faris off as male worked better in Japan?
"Blue Magic is almost more trouble than it's worth by my money."

Only the most powerful spells in the game, plus once you do get !Control it's easy.
Blue Magic tends to suck early on due to its gimmicky nature, but it becomes more useful than Offensive Magic by the end.

@Trigger Loaded: Well, them Japanese love long haired bishies.
That wasn't a Walse Knight. The king explicitly told you so.
I'd almost cry sexism with that class selection. Even if she looks like Mr. Olympia, Faris can only play at combat, incapable of hanging with the big boys? I'm joking, by the way.

I switched Galuf to Red Mage at this point, because I had foreknowledge of Krile replacing him later and thought it silly to have the human bobblehead as a front line fighter — much less one who deals big damage with only her bare hands. Red Mage Galuf proved to be the constant in my party for most of the game (because you know how long it takes to master that class).
A shame; you could have stolen Mythril Swords from the Ice Soldiers. Of course they're still in the Water Tower.

And command abilities are totally useless on a Berserker - as their name suggests, Attack Attack Attack is their only choice.
Freezing emus? That happens typically when switching between the emulator and something else.

Also, I'd recommend getting at least one set of full Mythril equipment, alongside the level 3 spells.
Pick up the Fire Rod, Thunder Rod and Ice Rod, they boost the power of magic of that element.