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Stuff From Spain's Attic: Collector's Edition; Digitally Remastered in Stereo From the Original Master Tapes!
I still haven't listened to anything by Burial...
Glad to hear you liked this one. Funny, your favorites correlated pretty well with mine.

You can tell the vocalist cares about what he's singing about, but it's not good enough of a song for you to care about what he's singing about.
I'm not so sure about the first part, seeing as they didn't care enough to make it intelligible.

And the lampshading of "GUITAR SOLO!" is annoying.
I saw it as a sign that they weren't taking themselves too seriously, and liked it.

If there is a "best case" for more turntable/guitar combinations, it's this song. It really just is.
DAMN That is high praise.
1: Yeah, but it's possible he was singing only to a certain audience. Or just didn't know any better.

2: I suppose. Struck me as annoying though.

3: It is, isn't it? :P I just think the two instruments should be used together a lot more.